Fertility and Fit to the Finish

When I taught my weight loss plan one time, there was a woman I’ll call Carol.  She weighed upwards of 275 pounds, and was a lovely person.  She was funny and easy to talk to.  She had a great job, a lot of friends and a wonderful extended family.  The one thing she didn’t have was a child.  She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for many years.  They had even saved their money for years, and finally had enough to try IVF.  They were fortunate enough to be successful the first try, and got pregnant with twins!  Sadly, after just a few weeks they miscarried.

A few years later my path crossed with hers.  I was offering the class, “fit to the finish” at my church.  Initially she told me she was not going to attend.  But to my surprise, on the first evening of the class, she came.  Over the course of the 10 weeks she lost over 30 pounds.  But more importantly, she continued to lose weight even after the class finished.  Eventually, she lost over 80 pounds.

The best part was that after that weight loss she and her husband got pregnant and had a wonderful little baby boy.  Her doctor told her that a lot of women who are extremely overweight suffer with fertility problems and that in his opinion her weight loss made a profound difference in her case.

This story always makes me happy when I think about it, because just like me, her weight loss made a dramatic difference in her life. 

What’s your story?  What stops you from losing weight?  What could you do if you got healthy and fit?


2 thoughts on “Fertility and Fit to the Finish

  1. Marissa says:

    I have PCOS. I too am trying for a baby. (my second) My first ending in a miscarriage and my second was a high risk pregnancy but ended in having a healthy baby boy! He is now 2 and we are trying for another, for over 5 months now. No success, obviously… but I am sure that if I lose weight I will be able to conceive and have a healthy baby. With my new eating habits and the whole lifestyle change… my survival skills are much better than they have ever been. I must change to become a better mother && to raise healthy children who know how to cope without running to run for comfort. I must change for my son and future children.

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