Sunday Morning Food

In a lot of families Sunday morning is a time of sleeping in, reading the paper, and relaxing.  For us, early Sunday morning is not always the most relaxing time of the week.  With seven children, a dog, and a cat, John and I spend a lot of time bouncing around like ping pong balls from one little child to the next.  We do our best to be on time for the 8:30 am church service.  Breakfast food is a quick affair of cereal or toast.  And for the youngest son, at 18 months, a cereal bar.  Once we arrive at church we sing, worship and try to keep the younger children happy.

When we get home, I usually make pancakes with a lot of syrup, or occasionally grits and eggs.  (We are southerners after all, just without the accent!)  Even though I lost a lot of weight, I still cherish the time that we spend around the kitchen table.  On Sunday morning after church is one of those special times, where everyone knows what to expect.  Food can do a lot for us emotionally, both good and bad.  I hope that when my kids look back on Sunday mornings they will associate it with a safe family time. 

What kind of memories are you giving your family when it comes to food?  Are mealtimes stressful?  I would encourage you to make meals special and fun.  After all, a lot of people who struggle with their weight as adults, associate food with emotions, some painful.  So this week, pick one meal and make it meaningful.  Perhaps Sunday morning will be a time for your family to stop running around and enjoy spending time with each other.

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