What’s a Shelf?


My Shelf


One day, after I had lost 150 pounds, John and I were looking at some pictures.  Of course, in those pictures I weighed close to 300 pounds, and didn’t look so good.  I was pointing out various things, such as the tightness of the sleeves, or the bad style of the clothes, when he said, “And there’s the shelf.”   I looked at him and said, “The what?” 


He blushed, and said, “Never mind.”  I insisted, and he reluctantly explained that when I was overweight, right below my waist, was a body part he thought of as the shelf.  It protruded out from the roundness of the rest of my body, and sat there like a shelf.  When I walked, it moved around as if independent from the rest of me.  I instantly knew what he was talking about, as I had noticed that there used to be some extra movement happening around my middle, but to have him put a name for it was astonishing.  At first I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. 


Just to be clear, John was never critical of my weight, and was always supportive and loving.  I don’t think he meant any harm, and his casual phrase just slipped out without any malice.  In some ways it was funny and it some ways it was sad. 


One thing was for sure, and that was I didn’t miss the shelf.  The shelf was what made it almost impossible to fit into a restaurant booth.  The shelf made my shirts ride up, no matter how many times I pulled them down, and the shelf was heavy to haul around.  Having been on both sides of the weight  issue, I’d rather be living on the fit side rather than the fat side.


What baggage are you carrying around?  Do you have an extra appendage that bothers you?  Is there something about your physical appearance you can improve?  We all have things about our physical appearance that make us unhappy.  We can’t change them all, but we can improve the ones we are capable of improving.  I would implore you to make a plan that you can live with.  If you haven’t already, visit my fit to the finish site that explains how I lost my shelf.  Good luck!  Diane

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