What About Kristie Alley?

Did you read on People.com that Kristie Alley has regained 83 pounds after her spokesperson position with Jenny Craig ended?  I was so saddened by this.  Not only for her, but for men and women all over the country who have experienced the same thing.  If you read the article, she talks about the fact that once she didn’t have someone looking over her shoulder, watching what she ate, and weighing her regularly, she fell off the wagon.  Unfortunately, she’s not alone, as over 98% of people who lose weight will regain most of it back within five years.

I’ve maintained my weight loss for 12 years, and that includes 4 full-term pregnancies.  I’m not bragging.  I just want to point out that by following my Fit to the Finish plan, which isn’t a “diet” that ENDS, but rather a “lifestyle change” I’ve managed to keep my weight off.  The problem with diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss and others out there, is that there is an END to them.  Once you reach your goal, they put you on a maintenance plan, and then send you off on your merry way.  Unfortunately for most people, the merry way ends up right back where they started.

To me, there was nothing more frustrating than losing weight to only have it come right back on.  I did that more times throughout my obese years than I can count.  Time after time I would lose 10 – 20 pounds and begin regaining it right back the minute I quit the program.  I never “owned” the program emotionally, because I was never given the tools to figure out what to eat by myself.  I was told what to eat, how much of it to consume and when to come back to pay my money again.  The $40 billion dollar diet industry isn’t your friend.  They don’t really care about your weight.  They care about your money.

I would encourage you to try losing weight the old fashioned way.  Portion sizes, fat percentage and exercising.  Check with your doctor and ask their opinion of the plan I used.  If your doctors are like mine, they will approve.  Don’t be like Kristie Alley and have to relose a bunch of weight over and over.  Lose weight once and for all, for the rest of your life!  Diane

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