Giveaway and Thank You

Fit to the Finish Mug

First of all I wanted to thank you all for reading my blog. I so appreciate being part of your journey. You are amazing and I learn new things from you all the time. Here’s somethings that come to mind: (You know who you are!)

♦You have a love/hate relationship with exercise

♦You are married

♦You are single

♦You have kids

♦You don’t have kids

♦You are female

♦You are male

♦You have fear

♦You conquer

♦You love to eat

♦You find joy in the little things

♦You are compassionate

♦You are passionate

♦You live in the US

♦You are outside the US

♦You are vegetarian

♦You love strenth training

♦You love cardio

♦Eating clean is a priority for you

♦You hate vegetables

♦Junky food calls your name and you answer

♦You have found a balance

♦You have overcome adversity

♦You are strong

♦You don’t give up

♦You have goals

♦You are unique

Even within all our differences I find many common threads in the 5,000 comments you’ve made. You care. You care about your health, other people, the environment, the social problems ailing us all, and a host of other things. I love that caring and compassion.

When I hit 5,000 comments I really wanted to mark the occasion with something special, so I had a Fit to the Finish mug made. If you’d like it, just leave a comment telling me what makes you unique. If you’d like two chances Twitter it for me. The giveaway will close tonight at midnight my time. I’ll draw the winner randomly on Sunday night and post it on Monday. I know it’s just a small thing, but the thought comes from my heart.  Diane

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