These chairs aren’t made for sitting

This was one of my first posts. I don’t think many of you saw it since my blog was only a few days old.

Americans are voyeuristic.  We love reality television shows, we eagerly follow the lives of the rich and famous and most of us enjoy stories about other people.  We especially enjoy those shows and stories that make us glad we aren’t like “them.”  I’ll be brave and tell you a story that will make you glad you weren’t me.  

Have you ever been to an antique store and marveled at the size of the tiny beds, the delicate shape of the table legs and the diminutive chairs?  In a museum, did you ever stare in

amazement at Martha Washington’s dress, not only because it’s so old, but because it’s so small?    Americans aren’t small anymore, and it seems everything we see in stores these days is super-sized.  Our tables are higher, the beds are larger, the couches are enormous and the chair seats are wider. 

Oh, had that last statement been true for me when I was fat.  There were two incidents where I would have given my right thigh (literally) for a super sized piece of furniture.  I’ll share one of them with you now.  Many years ago I was at church for the Sunday morning services with John and the children.  During the service, my youngest daughter, who was a baby at the time, started to get fussy.  I took her out through the big swinging doors at the back of the auditorium, and walked down the hall to the “cry room.”  This was a small room that had been set aside by the church for mothers.  It had a changing table, a restroom and several rocking chairs arranged in a circle.  When I got the the room, there were 4 or 5 other moms sitting in the room with their babies.  I walked in, sat down in one of the chairs and while I rocked my little one , I enjoyed conversation with the other mothers.  Eventually, I decided to go back into the church service. I began to get up out of the chair so I could leave the room.  But too bad for me because I was stuck in the chair, and when I stood up the chair came up with me.  There I was, half standing, with a rocking chair attached to my behind.  The chair was literally swing in the air.  I was hanging onto poor Grace for dear life.  The ladies in the room were mortified.

My next reaction was swift and sure.  I quickly lowered the chair back to the ground and sat back down.  No one knew where to look, especially me.  Did I look at my friends?  At Grace?  At the chair?  I just wanted to get out of that room and out of that chair.  I was afraid to try standing up again, but I knew I couldn’t spend the rest of the morning in the rocking chair.  This time, I pushed down on the chair handle with one hand, held onto Grace with the other hand, and extracted my thighs and behind from the chair.  For a quick moment I really thought I was stuck again, but with some shifting and tugging I popped out of the chair and fled the room. 

That was one of many embarassing moments I had as an overweight woman.  That particular chair was an older style of rocking chair, often called a bentwood chair, and it was small.  I later went back when no one was there and looked at the chair to see why I had gotten stuck.  The seat was small, and the arms were very narrow.  Had I been an average size it wouldn’t have been an issue, but due to my size, the smallness of the chair definitely a problem. 

Did I run home, get rid of all my fat food and diet like crazy?  No.  John and I went out to eat and I pigged out like there was no tomorrow.  I pushed the incident far down into the reaches of my mind so that I wouldn’t get upset about what had happened.  I once again used food to cover up any emotion.  It didn’t work for me.  The emotions surrounding that incident and others like it kept returning and I kept trying in vain to cover them with food.  Looking back I now see that no matter how much I ate it wasn’t solving the problem.  It was only compounding it.  But I still didn’t stop overeating.  It would be several more years of uncomfortable chairs and embarassing moments before I would finally get my food choices and exercise regime in place. 

Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Care to share a moment or two?? Diane

Like I don’t have enough to do – I’ve started a family blog – so if any of you are curious as to what life is like in my house click on over. There’s a few things up now, but I’m adding more as you read! I’ll have cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and daily life!

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