So Much Thanks!

I am sitting at my computer tonight, feeling very emotional.  Over the past few days, as I’ve read over comments and visited your fabulous blogs, I’ve found little surprises for me.  Each and every one of them means something different to me, so I wanted to say thank you, and unlike my usual custom of not passing them on, I’m going to pass them on. I’m not a big rule person, so I’m going to pass them on in my own way.

First, thanks to Bearfriend for both the Atta Girl Award, and the Deborah Award.

Atta Girl

 This award is explained here from Lori E’s site!

This award I pass onto the following fabulous bloggers:

266 – 266 Blog

Staci – Dombroski Weight Loss

Lori – Finding Radiance

Susan – The Great Balancing Act

Shelley B – A Forty Somethings Weight Loss Journey

Andrea – Andrea’s Wellness Notes

Rebecca – Durch Dick und Duenn


and the Deborah award. The Deborah award is explained by it’s original creater, Ces, “I have more trees to plant but rest assured those who have virtual trees and acorns planted and distributed in their honor have one common virtue, they are loyal friends regardless of race, creed, political affiliations and geography. Here, I honor womanhood and friendship and there is nothing more wondrous a blessing for anyone than for a friend who came and never left your side. Someone like Deborah.”


Deborah Award

This award I pass onto:

Vickie – Baby Steps V

Jody – Fit at 52

Pam – Thinner in 08

Leah – My New Ending

Marcelle – Living Away


Fran – at A Dutch Girl Gets Healthy, and Marcelle (Living Away) both passed this award on to me! Thanks Fran and Marcelle!


Amy H – No to the Deuce

Mack Attack

Gina – Fit by 41, Maybe 42

Lara – Thinspired

Melissa – Little Knits

Cammy – The Tippy Toe Diet

Marisa – Trim the Fat

Yum Yucky – Yum Yucky!

Brenda – B Huron Lighthouse

Fitting Back In


And thanks to 266, for sending the Superior Scribbler Award my way.

Superior Scribbler Award

Alixandra Hice – Casa Hice

Diane – The Incredible Shrinking Family

Hanlie – Fertile Healthy

Taryl – Aurora Fiber Arts

TJ – TJ’s Test Kitchen

Fran – Dutch Girl Gets Healthy

Joanna – Fitness and Spice

BearFriend – Friend of the Bear

Josie – 35 and Shrinking

Jess – Fit Chick in the City


And to the following people who don’t normally do these awards, and to my friends who comment but who don’t have their own blogs (yet) I’d like to say a sincere, “I appreciate you!”



Julie from Cannes

Okay, so I bent the rules of these awards a bit. But on the other hand, it was fun to pass them on, even if it did take forever to link them all!!

Each of you who reads and comments is very special to me.  As we really get close to this holiday season I hope that you will be happy, blessed, and healthy.   Diane

35 thoughts on “So Much Thanks!

  1. Marcelle says:

    Thanks so much to you for having the most amazing blog around, not one of your entries are boring or repetitive, you have had such an amazing journey and are the such an inspiration to all women who are fighting with this life struggle.
    I for one am so pleased I found your blog when I did, I’ve sent your link on to my mom and a few other friends who are not bloggers – I thought your entries were worth them reading …So Thank YOU Diane for just being you…your friendship.

    Thanks for the blog award…I appreciate it very much – I think these blog awards make one realize that we’re touching other people’s life in a ways we will never understand.

    I was thinking about you today while getting ready for gym – My thoughts were, * I wonder if Diane tracks her foods daily after all this time? * ..
    You can reply as I’m pretty keen to know – to me I feel as if I can keep the weight off only if I keep tracking.

    Have a great Sunday.
    .-= Marcelle´s last blog ..Sunday’s Chat =-.

  2. Shelley B says:

    What a nice surprise to see this! Thank you, Diane, for the award – and for believing that I really can make a difference…it means so much that you believe I am capable!

    All the awards that you have received are so well-deserved! In just the short time you have been here in blogland, you have really made an impact and truly are an inspiration.
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..Cooking Light Winners – And My Thanksgiving in Pictures! =-.

  3. Marisa (Trim The Fat) says:

    Thank you so much for the award, Diane!

    I love your blog posts so much. You really make me think about my journey -past, present and future- and sometimes, when I’m feeling low, give me the words of wisdom I need to refocus. You are such an inspiration to me and I look up to you for all you have accomplished with your weight loss journey. Thanks for being here!

  4. tj says:

    Thank you for the award Diane! I appreciate it!

    You are very deserving of all of the awards that were given to you! I love reading your blog, you are very inspirational to me! 🙂 Thank you!
    .-= tj´s last blog ..EASY EASY DINNER! =-.

  5. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    Thank you for the award! The “you’re gonna to make a difference” really means a lot to me, cause I hope that happens.

    And this is an award you truly deserve. I love how you take the time to make every post mean something to the reader and aren’t just fluff (like a lot of mine are LOL). So glad you are in the blog world!
    .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..Festive feelings! =-.

  6. Pam says:

    Thank you so much Diane! You made me all teary eyed this morning! I am truly honored by its meaning and that you chose me to receive it! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week!
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Playing Catch Up =-.

  7. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Diane… Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you for all the other great bloggers you mentioned.. it is such a great community out here!

    I was talking about you to my youngest step-daughter last night & how much you have accomplished & how with all our differences, and I know we have some political ones, :-), it does not matter in the scheme of things as we are all here to help one another!

    HUGE thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..The Gift of Fitness; Food Donation from 266 =-.

  8. Taryl says:

    Why, thank you! After being up early this morning with a sick kid, this has officially made my day!

    There is such a great readership and commenters on here, and I am of the opinion that no finer bloggers exist, as a community, than those of the super-encouraging weightloss and fitness blogs. LOVE them!
    .-= Taryl´s last blog ..Thankful! =-.

  9. vickie says:

    thank you. and I bet it did take forever to put in all those links.

    I have discovered some wonderful bloggers on your blog – and love that you write in such a way that so many people share their stories here each day.

    I rarely read comments on other blogs – but I read your comments – love everyone’s experiences and thoughts.

    You have been a great addition to weight loss blog land.
    .-= vickie´s last blog ..Saturday (yesterday) morning – took a special ($8) 90 minute yoga class at my former studio, taught by my all time favorite yoga instructor, Bev =-.

  10. Lance says:

    I really believe that these awards you have received from others is a true testament to the person you are…to you at a deeper level. And that is wonderful and special all at the same time. You are doing an amazing job here with what you share, and it’s great to be here and see this! Continue to shine your awesomeness!!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  11. Fran says:

    Thank you so much for the award Diane! I’ve already received this one before so I won’t pass it through again but I’m honoured that you passed it on to me.

    You’re such an inspiration, I love reading your posts and even though I don’t respond to all of them, I do read them all.

    Big hug for you, you’re amazing!
    .-= Fran´s last blog ..A day in my life: Sunday November 29th 2009 =-.

  12. Mia says:

    Wow! You made my day, Diane!

    The guests are gone as of last night! Today I have to drive my Baby back to college. I know she’ll be back for the Christmas Holidays in less than a month but it is always hard when one of the kids is gone. (Soon it will be two then three! Then….!)

    I was in church today and already the Christmas season has started. I need to catch my breath here a moment! Time is moving so fast!


  13. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    Congratulations on all the awards! You so deserve them! I agree with all the others, your posts are always extremely well written, thought-provoking, and inspiring. And thank you so much for the award! 🙂 This is indeed a great community!

  14. 266 says:

    What a lovely post… you are obviously highly valued in the online ocmmunity to have recieved so many badges of recognition. Thank you so much for mine, Diane! I love that you thought of me and I will do my very best to live up to the expectation of making a difference!
    .-= 266´s last blog ..Poor Performance =-.

  15. Josie says:

    Wow, thank you so much, Diane for giving me my first award. I’m honored that you thought of me in this regard. Your story is one of endurance and inspiration – and I have the utmost admiration for you! I enjoy reading your blog each day, so again, thank you for thinking of me. It means the world to me and totally made my day!
    .-= Josie´s last blog ..Day 61; The End of Month 2 =-.

  16. Susan says:

    Thank you SO much for the award Diane!! It means a lot, because I see other bloggers you gave awards out to, and I know many of them are very deserving of it! Not to mention, I can now go “click happy” on blogs I’ve never heard of 😉 I honestly look forward to you posts everyday because they make me think and reflect in a way that many others don’t. You’re doing a special thing here Diane and helping a lot of people along the way!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Final monthly goal check in! =-.

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