Baking? Can You Do It?

I, like some of you, really like to cook a lot. My husband often jokes that I won his heart with my chocolate chip cookies. I’ve written before how I baked and ate my way all the way up to 305 pounds. In that post I shared how I realized that I could show my love for my family without filling them full of sugar and chocolate.

In this post, I wanted to explore if it is possible to bake sweets and not eat too many of them. Some people can just not bake any sweets and feel the holiday is still complete. There are others who enjoy baking and feel that the holidays aren’t complete without some serious baking going on. I was wondering where you fall along this line, and whether or not you think it’s possible to bake and not gain weight.

I do much less baking now then I did when I was obese. I still enjoy the baking process, but realize that I have to reign in my enjoyment and balance it with the necessity of having sweets around. However, when the holidays roll around, there are certain treats that some members of my family really want and desire. These would include sugar cookies, cranberry nut cake, and a cheesecake on Christmas night. As the years have gone by since I reached my goal weight, I’ve handled the holiday baking in different ways.

The first year, I baked very little, if at all. I didn’t feel in control enough of my choices to have cookies and cakes lying around. As the years went by and my confidence in my self-control increased, I did bake more at Christmas. Now, and for the last several years, I generally make those three desserts that make Christmas food special for my family. But there are some things that I do differently now than I used to.

Yesterday, we made a batch of eggless sugar cookies.

Sugar CookiesMaking Sugar Cookies


Instead of making batch after batch of sugar cookies, I now just make one batch and freeze the extras. (By the way, if you want the recipe and to see more pictures visit my Family Blog. The recipe is great for kids, so you don’t have to worry about the whole raw egg thing.) After the sugar cookies are done, everyone gets one and the rest go away for another day. It works great, and the cookies last a lot longer. With the cranberry nut pound cake, instead of baking it in a bundt pan, I bake it in two loaf pans. Again, we eat a piece each, and I freeze the rest for another time. Now the cheesecake? We just eat small amounts of that over a few days.

So for me, I selected the recipes that my family really loves and make them carefully and deliberately. No one ever complains about the lack of baking going on, but rather really enjoys the special treats. I have to admit that I sometimes flip through my Cookie Cookbook longingly, but resist making recipes just for fun.

What’s your strategy for baking in these days leading up to Christmas Day? Baking or not?  Diane

55 thoughts on “Baking? Can You Do It?

  1. Walk with Me says:

    Diane, those pics take me back to my childhood.

    Yes, I’ve been baking. I bake, wrap, and ship or deliver it right away. I’ve sampled here and there but nothing like my old self. I’ve also been baking lighter versions of my typical recipes.
    .-= Walk with Me´s last blog ..Fitness Quote of the Week =-.

  2. Stacy says:

    I like to COOK just not BAKE. 🙂 I really don’t bake more than once or twice a year. When I was younger the only way we got sweets was to bake them ourselves and then we would devour the cakes and cookies. I have developed a healthy indifference to eating cakes and cookies now, so I probably wouldn’t have a problem making them. BUT I feel like kids get so much sugar in everything they eat nowadays, plus all the candy they get through the year (NOT from us!), that I just don’t feel a need to add to the sugar rush in our house.
    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..A new personal best…2.5 days =-.

  3. Erin says:

    I may be baking outta control, but I’m not eating outta control!!! I can’t live without baking during the holidays. As I’ve lost weight, I’ve become really good about adapting recipes or giving away cookies, bars, etc. I made 25 dozen sugar cookies total this year. That does not include peanut butter balls, thumbprints, chex mix, puppy chow, etc. I only have 10 cookies left at home, out of all of that! Everyting else has been given away!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Woah Woah Woah! =-.

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