My Trip To Meet Dr. Oz

Added this morning: I forgot to mention that the show is on tomorrow, February 16th. Here’s a promo for the show – you can see me and lots of other people!!

I returned from the trip to New York two days later than expected due to the huge blizzard in New York City. I got home at 2:20 on Friday morning exhausted but really happy I had the opportunity to go. The trip started out a day earlier than planned.

On Monday morning it began snowing at the airport I needed to fly out of. We live about 1 1/2 hours from there, so I began to get concerned about whether or not I’d be able to get to there on Tuesday morning, because believe it or not, there aren’t that many snow plows around here! So John and I drove to down there on Monday afternoon in some very scary weather conditions and I stayed in a hotel. The next morning I barely made my flight as the hotel shuttle was waaaay slow and late leaving the hotel. Lesson learned there.

I arrived in New York City at 12:30 and was met by a limo driver who was holding a sign with my name on it. My friend Evelyn met me there and took our picture!

limo driver

We arrived at the hotel and unpacked. The Hilton was just a few blocks away from Times Square so after walking to the Dr. Oz studio for a voice-over and a coaching session from one of the producers, my friend and I went to Times Square, had dinner at a New York deli, and saw Phantom of the Opera. It was pretty fabulous.

The next morning, the show sent a bus to pick up all the show participants. There I got to meet Sarah, Lori, and Ann. I didn’t see Dawn until later, but never got a chance to meet her. I was sad. I also met Janelle. It was neat to meet people in real life that I already felt like I knew but hadn’t actually met! Once we arrived at the studio the whirlwind began.

I met Bill, Taisha, and Meryl – all of whom were going to featured on the show. Like Lori said in her post, they could have picked anyone of the “Oz 100” to feature because everyone had a fabulous story. Bill lost 175 pounds and has maintained for a year, Taisha lost 130 pounds and maintained a year, and of course me. Meryl lost 175 pounds and has maintained a little less than a year. It was amazing to meet all of them. Here’s a picture of  Bill, Taisha, and me. Not the best picture I’ve ever taken. 🙂

Bill, Taisha and me

After we met and were briefed by the producer, they took us onto the Dr. Oz set for a walk through. It was very exciting to be behind the scenes and then walk onto the stage. It was FREEZING in there! They told us what tape mark to land on, what camera to look at, and where to sit. I asked the camera guy, “What if we mess up – do we get a do-over?” He just looked at me like, “You will not mess up!”  So I tried my best! We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the studio, but if you’ve seen the show it looks just like that – only smaller.

Once we knew what we were doing they took us to hair and makeup. I have never seen so much makeup in one place in my entire life. Melanie, in the first picture did my hair, and Gil, in the second picture, did my makeup. He said I was scheduled for the “full face.” I soon found out that that meant a LOT of makeup – false eyelashes and all. Here’s me getting my hair and makeup done. I felt like a movie star, but was glad I didn’t have to have that much makeup on every day! (That’s my friend Evelyn in the pink!)

hair done

 Lots of Hair Spray & Makeup After hair and makeup were complete we all got on our fancy clothes. The producers liked my dress and boots but I had forgotten a necklace. One magically appeared and here’s a funny thing. It was a beaded necklace, so the sound person pinned it right to my dress so it wouldn’t move and mess up the microphone that she had painstakingly taped on me! I think she used about 20 tiny pins. Tricks of the trade I suppose. Then, hair and makeup done, it was show time.

As we were standing backstage waiting to go on, we could see on the monitor what was happening on stage. We saw Dr. Oz give the welcome and for the first time I saw all the amazing people who, like myself, had lost 100 pounds or more. It was very moving. I thought, “Every one of these people has changed their life for the better.” I knew not to cry because I might have lost my eyelashes, but I had to fight back tears.

Finally, the stage director person said, “Diane – step up here. It’s almost your turn.” Then the doors opened and I went on the stage. It was an experience like I’ve never had. I felt a variety of emotions, from excitement to humbleness that I was there. Then I turned, shook Dr. Oz’s hand and sat down in the stool. Then Bill and Taisha came out. How fun! Dr. Oz asked each of us a few questions and then we got to share some of our favorite weight loss secrets. It went by so fast.

The next segments were Meryl, Richard Simmons (very fun), and the segment where he takes questions and has an audience volunteer. To see all the work that went into taping an hour show was amazing. But it seemed like everything just ran like clockwork. Then they had as many of us that could fit on the stage come back on and do a dance segment with Richard Simmons and Dr. Oz leading! It was a blast.

After the show, I got to meet Richard Simmons and have my picture taken with him. Here you can see how much makeup I had on. Richard in real life is exactly like you see him on television. He cries, he laughs, he sings! Dr. Oz was very nice and I liked that he is so sincere and caring. You can tell that helping people get healthy through maintaining a healthy body weight is a passion of his.

With Richard Simmons

So there you have my New York experience. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one I’ll never ever forget. If you want to see more pictures, you can check out the New York trip photo gallery. Thank you for all your well wishes and safe traveling thoughts. The whole time I was there I thought – “I can’t wait to tell my blogging friends about this experience!”   Diane

94 thoughts on “My Trip To Meet Dr. Oz

  1. Amy says:

    Diane, Wow! You look so glamourous with your false eyelashes and “full face”! I loved reading your report and getting a feel for what it was like for you – what an exciting experience. My brilliant mom has figured out how I am going to be able to see the show today after all – she is going to skype me and put her computer in front of the TV so I can watch you! Yay!!!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Training for your first half marathon (or 20 K)! =-.

  2. Susan says:

    Ahh, I wish I wasn’t at work right now and could watch it – it comes on in 40 minutes!! I did catch you in the promo though – you looked fabulous! Couldn’t even tell those lashes were fake 😉 I’m so happy this was such a great experience for you. I bet sharing your story will help a lot of people watching at home!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..‘F’ is for Balance =-.

  3. Sean Anderson says:


    I just finished watching the show. You look AMAZING! And you did so incredible on that stage!! I’m so proud of you my friend. It was a pleasure. My daughter texted me during the show and asked “is that the lady you interviewed on your blog? Her voice sounds familiar!”
    Fantastic job, and I love the timer idea, I do!

    My best always,

  4. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    I am just so excited for you and you are so very deserving of the spotlight:)
    What an experience that you will be able to share forever!!
    Your kids are probably just loving the fact that they have a famous mom, lol.
    I can’t wait to watch the episode I have been recording them for days just to be sure I do not miss it!!

  5. Nicole, RD says:

    Ahh! I am beyond happy for you and admittedly very jealous of such a wonderful experience! While Dr. OZ catches a lot of flack, I just love the guy! I think he’s very charismatic. And Richard Simmons!? What an icon in fitness, hehe. So fun!
    .-= Nicole, RD´s last blog ..I Am What I Cook Entry =-.

  6. Quix says:

    So incredibly awesome! I’m really glad to hear the Richard Simmons is just as cheesy and fun as he seems like he would be. I’ve done a lot of stage makeup and it’s amazing how much you have to put on just to look normal. Sounds like a great time though!

  7. Brenda says:

    waiting all day…excited!!…it’s almost 3!….minutes to go!………OMG!!! THE ONLY CHANNEL I GET DR. OZ ON HAS JUST BEEN REPLACED BY THE OLYMPICS!!!!!! I will have to wait for the rerun {{{{tears}}}}}
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..dreaded Birthday cakes =-.

  8. Christa says:

    HI Diane!! I thought that was you!! I didn’t see your post and I was watching Dr. Oz and you came on and I said to myself I know her!! And I met Richard Simmons back in 1996…he is wonderful!!
    .-= Christa´s last blog ..Back on track! =-.

  9. Fitcetera says:

    Boy, Diane, you looked fabulous and so composed! (I kind of loved the eyelashes … lol) You didn’t seem nervous at all.
    It was so much fun seeing you *in person* and not just as an avatar. 🙂
    I watched the show 3 X today!!! I caught glimpses of Lori and Dawn and Sarah. Lori looked like she never stopped smiling! 😀

    Fantastic stuff!
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

  10. Heather says:

    I saw you! Yippee! You looked stunning. Great spot you had right up there with Richard. We couldn’t miss you. You looked like you were having fun. I’m so glad you were given such an opportunity. Someday, I hope I can lose this weight. I never seem to get started. I don’t know what it’s going to take!!! Once again…. you looked lovely!

  11. Kat says:

    Diane!! You looked and sounded incredible on the show! I TiVo’d it just for you. How exciting it was to “know” someone on that show and for all the amazing people who have lost over 100 lbs. Great job!
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Remix: I’ve Got a Plan =-.

  12. The Crazy Woman Inside Me says:

    I record Dr. Oz on DVR and just watched this episode early this morning. I hadn’t seen any previews and didn’t know much about it other than it was his 100th show and there would be 100 people who’d lost at least 100-pounds.

    So I was watching with interest as the segment began featuring this woman named Diane with all these kids who lost a bunch of weight and I thought “Wonderful! Good for her!” It wasn’t until you walked out on the stage that it clicked and I realized WOW! that woman was you! 😀

    How exciting! I loved the show and loved your segment, Diane. You looked beautiful and came across as natural, at ease and knowledgeable. And your hair and makeup were absolutely lovely too!

    Big congrats on a job well done, Diane! Very cool that you got to meet both Dr. Oz and Richard Simmons. 🙂

    .-= The Crazy Woman Inside Me´s last blog ..Where Oh Where Can that Crazy Woman Be? =-.

  13. Julie from Cannes says:

    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone has a link where i could watch the video on the net? I haven`t find it yet and i`ll be so happy to see `our` Diane on this show!!!!

  14. Kathy says:

    Was that you cringing in the audience at the knees? I just watched the part from your blog. How can I watch the whole show on line?

  15. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    Diane! I keep meaning to comment and tell you how wonderful you were on the Dr. Oz show! You looked so beautiful and did a great job speaking in front of America! I loved your tips–especially the one about timer. You did great and I was so proud to say I “know” you! 🙂
    .-= Lara (Thinspired)´s last blog ..After the Fall =-.

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