What Can’t You Live Without?

I was talking with some friends the other day who were asking for some weight loss advice. I told them some basic things and then they asked me if there are some foods that I just can’t live without.

It was an interesting question and one that I hadn’t really thought about too much. I realized that there are some foods that I do enjoy eating and would in fact be sad to see them go completely. I suppose if I needed to I could live without them, but I wouldn’t choose to. I thought it would be interesting for me to share my three favorite food/groups and then see what foods you wouldn’t want to have to live without.

Here are my top 3:

1. chocolate (I know this is bad, but I would miss it!)

2. Greek yogurt (this is a relatively new love of mine)

3.  fruits, apples, blueberries, and strawberries in particular

Looking at my list I see that I have a definite sweet tooth. My tendency is to gravitate towards the sweeter things and I suppose that’s alright as long as I’m balancing the sweet things with the healthier things in life.

Here’s a great site, The World’s Healthiest Foods, which has some great nutritional information for you to read up on. Even though I’ve maintained my weight for a long time, I am always looking for better ways to enhance my health.

So what are three foods you wouldn’t want to live without?  Diane

52 thoughts on “What Can’t You Live Without?

  1. Amy says:

    Right now, the three foods I couldn’t live without are:
    1. Medjool dates (I love these and eat one every day for a pre-workout snack)
    2. Bananas (I have one every morning with breakfast)
    3. Soy milk – I finally found a brand that is not too sweet and fake tasting, has added calcium and having a glass every day makes me feel good about doing something positive for my hormones!

    Of course if you ask me this question 6 months from now, my answers could be totally different!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Pummelled =-.

  2. Deniz says:

    Wheee, this one made me think.

    Good bread, preferably wholemeal and seedy… just got to be careful of amounts!
    Soft boiled eggs… and I don’t even need salt on them thesedays 🙂
    Olives… black ones, green ones, tapenade, you name it

    Hmmm, guess I am truly a savoury soul. I could even live without chocolate… just.
    .-= Deniz´s last blog ..A new treat =-.

  3. Diane says:

    Strangely, there is nothing that I am so locked into that I could not live without it. I love a wide variety of foods and when I “fall in love” with one it kind of lasts for a season and then I move on. With food , I don’t like to get trapped . I think I would be very sad if the day arrived when I had to do without a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies or assorted grains and beans. So many possibilities- how can I get stuck on just a few ?
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..The Behinder I got 🙂 =-.

  4. vickie says:

    Here’s a topic (to add to your list) that came to mind as I read this posting –

    Do you feel that all you have done is give up things?

    I have read many a blogger that feels like ‘thing’ (food) after thing has been taken away from them in their weight loss process.

    I personally feel as if I am moving toward things (healthy food) rather than away from things.
    .-= vickie´s last blog ..Back to my Asthma/Allergist =-.

    • Barbara says:

      I feel that as I “gave up” certain foods, that I have moved toward others and that I look forward to these new foods just as much. I wouldn’t want to live without fruit, especially all types of berries. I also like whole wheat bread and english muffins. My third food would be salmon. I really do enjoy these foods.

  5. Carla says:

    As I read this post, I realized that I am living without a lot of the junk foods that not too long ago were daily staples in my diet. It made me notice how well I am doing in improving my eating habits!

    I love chocolate, but I’ve started eating dark chocolate instead of the regular kind. I also don’t want to give up the occasional pizza, or cheese of any kind!

  6. Mia says:

    1. Oatmeal-I love it every morning with cinnamon and some sugar free syrup or fat free flavored yogurt! Ymm!! Just finished my bowl!

    2. Coffee-I love it every morning! And late morning, and mid afternoon! (I drink too much!)

    3. My “Smart” Chicken breasts! Love them as a source of protein!

    4. Bananas! (I know you only asked for 3 but I eat at least 1, usually 2 a day!)

  7. Jonathan says:

    My biggest problem has always been snacking. Now I keep various “trigger” foods out of the house. After the last 5 months, I can say the things I “have” to have are :

    – cheese particularly Cheddar cheese
    – spicy foods eg curries, chillis

    If I dont have these on at least a fortnightly basis, I start to get incredible cravings!

    Otherwise yes
    – bananas – usually at least 1 or 2 a day
    – flavoured yoghurts (they seem to settle my stomach like nothing else does!)
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..Update =-.

  8. Jill says:

    Hmmmm, well my latest faves are 1)Hummus 2)Red Pepper strips 3)Laughing Cow cheese and 4)Dark chocolate. I can use all of these things in different ways, so I never get tired of them! 🙂
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Here’s My WHY =-.

  9. PhluffyPrincess says:

    Man, I feel in good company because I have a gigantic sweet tooth! my top 3 would have to be:

    1) ceasar dressing – i have a deep love for it, although now i use only 2 tbsp of low fat!

    2) chocolate!!!

    3) sweet tea! i haven’t had it in months, but when i find my groove this will be one treat i allow myself every now and again!
    .-= PhluffyPrincess´s last blog ..Mini Goals for the Week (3/18 – 3/24) =-.

  10. Leah says:

    The first thing I thought of for sure is COFFEE. I’m sure I could get used to not having it, but that’s hard to imagine. ….

    1. Coffee
    2. Chocolate
    3. Not sure what else I couldn’t live without…sad, but I’m thinking “fat”, so that’s definitely something that needs working on.

  11. julie says:

    Yes to chocolate and fruit, I eat small amounts of chocolate, a LOT of fruit. Sometimes I wonder if I should cut back, it is calories after all, but probably I eat ~300 kcals/day of it, I’ll just take a new perspective, look at it as the beer or drink I’m not having. Speaking of booze, I don’t drink a lot, but I enjoy it, wouldn’t like to give that up. And last, but not least, bacon and pepperoni, no, not healthy, but the addition of tiny amounts of these can inspire the rest of the meal to be so much healthier to compensate.

    Compromise makes me happy, comfortable.
    .-= julie´s last blog ..A Week away from the Gym =-.

  12. julie says:

    OMG, how did I forget cheese? I do think I should cut back on this, but it means a lot more cooking, more effort, planning, etc. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, just not consistent enough to actually ever accomplish it.
    .-= julie´s last blog ..A Week away from the Gym =-.

  13. kwithme says:

    1. dark chocolate – it is my treat everyday. It makes it easier to pass by other sweet treats.
    2. fresh blueberries – I love them in my yogurt, it just is not the same without them
    3. eggs – these are my latest go to hot meal. I love hot food and eggs are so easy and tasty.

    The eggs are funny because I never really liked them before getting pregnant with my second child. Now, I could eat them everyday.

  14. Babbalou says:

    No question but that number one for me is coffee. Then probably carrots and then peanuts. Spinach and Bok Choy are right up there as well. I ate spinach every single day I was pregnant with my first child, I buy it in huge tubs at Costco. My mother said it was my favorite even as a toddler. Eggs are also on my top 10 list, I have one nearly every day.

  15. Brenda Kaye says:

    This is such a great question!! I have really enjoyed reading everyones comments, and have gotten a few new healthy “favorites” ideas. I am actually having a hard time narrowing down 3….which means I have got to get a handle on my food issues! Chocolate is my biggest #1 with absolutely no competition (which means I should probably abandon it for awhile). #2 cheese. #3. Whole wheat bread.
    .-= Brenda Kaye´s last blog ..Happy 96th Birthday Memaw : Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Girl =-.

  16. LC says:

    It really struck me when I read this post, because yesterday as I was reading through my long list of fitness blogs, I was asking myself to be brutally honest. “Can I envision a life where I no longer use food to comfort, secure, befriend myself?” I wondered if I could (let’s say I had to!) give up..cheese, for example. What would I have to say to myself, on a consistent basis, to be able to do that?

    I realized, a little at a time, that I live in a continuum of fear. Fear of facing my feelings without old, life-long habits to soothe them. Fear of disappointing myself yet again. Fear of fear!

    Today, (because I can only live in today) I am choosing to look at my eating as a way to fuel my body to be the best I can be for my family and future self. I am experimenting with an eating style that is a pretty abrupt departure from my norm, not only for weight loss but to try to stave off some health conditions.

    Thank you for the topic, it was almost divine intervention!

  17. Sally says:

    Plain yoghurt – the fat free or low fat variety – I use it on my cereal in the morning instead of milk.

    Bananas. I love them

    cereal bars – they are a healthy nibble
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..A small success!!! =-.

  18. Chris says:

    Three foods pivotal to my weight loss
    1. eggs
    2. Turkey
    3. bell peppers

    Three foods that I will always love, now just in moderation.
    1. popcorn
    2. coffee
    3. cheese

    Ah, such is life.

  19. MamaBearJune says:

    Sigh. Repeat after me. Chocolate is NOT bad. Chocolate is NOT bad. Dark chocolate is a MUFA – a necessary and HEALTHY fat. Surround some almonds with it and you get some awesome protein, too so it’s a double good snack!!!

    They have used Dove Dark Chocolate in medical research and I met someone who said her husband’s heart doctor told him he could enjoy Dove Dark Chocolate for a treat.

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Greek yogurt and I’ve been doing without since trying the dairy free thing. (Sad face) But coconut milk yogurt can be pretty tasty! 🙂 It helped me realize that there are always options or alternatives. 😀
    .-= MamaBearJune´s last blog ..Meeting a fellow blogger =-.

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