Breaking the Unhealthy Breakfast Habit

I used to eat brownies for breakfast.  I know, we all eat unhealthy things for breakfast every now and and then, but I used to have Brownies appeared as a regular feature on my breakfast menu.  I didn’t really plan on cooking them when I decided what to serve for our weekly meals, but whenever I was feeling any emotion at all, brownies appeared.  A big pan of brownies should have lasted for several days.  However, because there was one big overweight me, all the remaining brownies disappeared by the next morning.

From the minute I woke up, those brownies seemed to call my name.  I would start out by eating half of one, and tell myself that was it.  But ten minutes later I heard the brownie call again and the other half would disappear.  One half by one half, I would consume the what was left of the brownies.  Sure I felt guilty.  But instead of dwelling on my obesity I would waddle off to the kitchen to make another pan.  You see, when John came home he might wonder who ate all those brownies, so I would make more so I didn’t have to explain where twelve brownies went.  (Not that he ever made me feel bad, because he didn’t.)  It was my own guilty conscience.

Later that day, when the next pan of warm brownies came out of the oven, I had to eat some.  That way the right amount would be sitting on the plate.  Fortunately, I don’t do that anymore.  Surprisingly, this wasn’t the easiest of habits to break. I had a hard time stopping baking and not eating sweets when I first woke up. Breaking that habit involved some concentrated effort and some stern talks with myself. Over time I got further and further away from having brownies for breakfast most mornings of the week.

I still bake brownies and I’ll admit that I sometimes have a leftover piece of one for breakfast, but it’s not a compulsion anymore.  I finally trained myself to eat a healthy breakfast, usually oatmeal and a piece of whole wheat toast!

What’s your favorite breakfast food now? Diane

38 thoughts on “Breaking the Unhealthy Breakfast Habit

  1. Susan says:

    I usually eat oatmeal in the winter and cold healthy cereal in the summer months.
    I too USED to be hooked on brownies…I swear I was addicted! I could eat them just like you described doing. Now I only bake them maybe once a month and only when my husband and son will be around to eat them up. Now days they don’t have the same pull but I still have to be careful around them like any recovering addict:)

  2. Diane says:

    For some reason, anything sweet in the morning makes me physically ill.Even as a kid I could not eat pre-sweetened cereals without having my stomach flip all day. I used to make Cinnabons for my family on the weekends, but I had to also make sausage for me or I would be sick- I don’t think I could even think about a brownie first thing in the morning !( as a dessert or snack late in the day they are just fine though.) These days breakfast is oatmeal with fruit or nonfat plain yogurt with granola and blueberries.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..To be 9 again =-.

  3. Marisa (Loser for Life) says:

    Oh my. Brownies and me were BFFs. They still remain my kryptonite, however, I am not eating them as my primary meal source anymore 😉 I do much better with a yogurt bowl in the morning!
    .-= Marisa (Loser for Life)´s last blog ..Drink Up =-.

  4. vickie says:

    egg beaters omelet – my high school girl and I split an omelet every morning. She eats hers on a piece of whole grain toast. I eat mine with oatmeal. (Real oatmeal not instant).

    I totally relate to eating something – all of something – one tiny piece at a time. . .

    It took me a year – of SOLID EFFORT and a lot of tears – to break that habit.
    .-= vickie´s last blog ..Thoughts as I worked on picture collections =-.

  5. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    My mornings are always powered by oatmeal. I need something that I can make at work and eat at my desk. Oatmeal is the easiest thing I can think of. On the weekends I expand to eggs or pancakes, or even cold cereal but at work it’s all oats.

  6. Deniz says:

    I used to HATE breakfast. If I had anything at all (who the heck want to eat at 5a.m.!), it would be chocolate biscuits or an early morning bag of potato crisps!

    Now we have porridge oats in winter (made with unsweetened light soya milk) or, in summer, a Turkish breakfast plate. That’s fresh tomatoes and cucumber, a few olives, maybe a smidge-idgen of salty beyaz peynir (a ewe’s milk cheese similar to feta), sometimes a little bread and always some yoghurt. Both seasons offerings are served with several glasses of hot, unsweetened çay.

    Now I LOVE breakfast.
    .-= Deniz´s last blog ..Holding steady =-.

  7. Lori says:

    I have a 30 minute commute, so what I’m eating now is more out of convenience– I have 2 Luna bars and coffee for breakfast. For awhile I was on a yogurt and oatmeal kick with bananas, but haven’t done that for awhile.

  8. Don Doornbos says:

    My “go to” breakfast as I’m typically short on time is to grab a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt, grab an apple and snack on that on my way to work.

    In the past I would binge on cereal. It wouldn’t matter what…there is NO cereal that is “safe” with me. Even now when I make oatmeal with NOTHING in it but water, cinnamon and Splenda I can easily overdo it.

    On weekends I often take time to do what I call my salsa scramble…eggs, salsa and sometimes cheese all scrambled up…yum! I love the staying power of eggs in the morning.


  9. Karla says:

    I am pretty big on the oatmeal thing for breakfast now too. I used to just grab something on my way out the door in the mornings which funnily enough tended to be baking. I have kids so I do bake a lot. It was nothing for me to who-ff down a few cookies with my coffee! The latter is still an issue but at least I am getting a good breakfast! Thanks Karla
    .-= Karla´s last blog ..Champion c9 Cardio Jacket =-.

  10. Barbara says:

    Yeah, you have to give yourself tough love. The more I stay away from baked goods, the less I think about them. Being tough on yourself is the first step. When you think about it, would you want your children to eat the way?

  11. Emergefit says:

    In my heavy days, breakfast was ALWAYS leftover pizza from the night before. Nothing better. I hate to say it, but it still happens on very rare occasions, though a 5 mile run or a 20 mile bike and it’s gone.

    These days, odd as it sounds, I like salads for breakfast in the summer time. Great way to start the day. In winter it’s hot oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder stirred in. No butter, no sweetener.
    .-= Emergefit´s last blog ..Game off… Game on… =-.

  12. Tish says:

    I so hear you! My brownie recipe is the only recipe I know absolutely by heart. Definitely a “red light” food for me. And I played the make-another-batch-so no-one-will-know game too. The bad old days. One good thing that I’ve learned and made a habit over the past three years is having a good breakfast. A bowl of cereal (unfrosted miini wheats) with fruit. I love strawberries and peaches. I’ll take bananas on sufferance. This “does me” until noon. If it’s cold and I have time, I might fix a bowl of oatmeal. I use milk and add a diced granny smith apple, cinnamon and splenda. Yum.
    .-= Tish´s last blog ..I Won!!!!! =-.

  13. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    I still love my bagels for breakfast, but I eat them much differently than my obese days. I used to go out for a cinnamon sugar bagel topped with sweetened cream cheese and then have a flavored latte with it.

    Now, I have a whole wheat (usually) bagel with light cream cheese and coffee with low fat milk. Still get the item I love, but in a much better way.

    At home, I can’t get enough oats! I would probably eat them for 3 meals a day if I could get away with it.
    .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..Why you should be biking! =-.

  14. Babbalou says:

    Huevos Rancheros – 1 corn tortilla, a smear of fat free refried beans, one or two eggs over easy, a small amount of cheese (or not), salsa and a spoonful of unsweetened yogurt. I’m hungry just thinking about it. My typical (faster to make) breakfast is an egg or a veg omelette and a slice of toast, always with a nice cup of coffee and the newspaper.

  15. 'Drea says:

    I would always save my sweets for later as if eating them later in the day would make it better.

    For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal with a banana, flax seed and almond milk. One of these days, I might try something new…
    .-= ‘Drea´s last blog ..One Second Flat =-.

  16. Erin says:

    I seem to eat the same breakfast for weeks, and then change it up. Right now, I’m into protein shakes with a banana. A few weeks ago it was fruit/spinach/protein smoothies. Before that, it was Eggbeater omelets with every veggie imaginable. Sundays are always pancake breakfasts, and I usually top mine with a drizzle of maple syrup, or nut butter, and bananas. LOVE my bananas.

  17. Fitcetera says:

    I usually eat eggs in the morning, sometimes with oatmeal on the side or a protein shake if I’m lazy or in a hurry.
    I could definitely eat a whole pan of brownies but I have never baked any myself. I’d’ve been in trouble if I did any baking.
    I wonder why we could never be satisfied with the trigger foods? I can’t just eat one slice of pizza or have 2 cookies or 1 serving of lasagna. I have to eat the entire pie, bag or tray. If I stay away from these foods, I don’t usually crave them but once I start, I’m insatiable.
    .-= Fitcetera´s last blog .. =-.

  18. Jenelle says:

    Sometimes it’s best not to tempt ourselves!

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Usually it’s high fiber cereal, almond milk, a handful of nuts and a banana for me. On weekends I typically treat myself to a fresh bagel from the neighborhood Jewish bakery topped with fresh veggies and light cream cheese.
    .-= Jenelle´s last blog ..Thoughts on Living Large & Feeling Small =-.

  19. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    My *favorite breakfast* is eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy. I have it once a year. 🙂 The other 364 days I have either fruit & yogurt or oatmeal, with the occasional peanut butter toast thrown in for variety. Later in the morning I’ll have a boiled egg or almonds.
    .-= Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog ..Crisis in Memphis =-.

  20. Marcelle says:

    I know this WAS you, but I’m finding it very hard to believe as I met THIS you and THIS YOU would never eat a brownie for breakfast.
    I’ve never eaten junk for breakfast…always my cereal…I love my breakfast today, muesli with yogurt, fruit and nuts…I go to bed looking forward to breakfast!!! hehe

    Had hubby home again today so late at commenting….grrrrr

  21. Quix says:

    Protein bars. It might not be the most natural way to start a day but it gets me through to lunch and I feel off without them. I remember I used to eat donuts or bagels from time to time – donuts now make me ill (too much sugar, its a DESERT not breakfast), and I’ll treat myself to a bagel sometimes, but usually for lunch – too many calories for the morning…
    .-= Quix´s last blog ..Who Works 40 Hours Anymore? (Me) =-.

  22. Taryl says:

    Well, I do love some over-easy eggs and dry sourdough toast to soak up the yolks, but I have food sensitivities to both wheat AND eggs, so I can eat this once a week, max. My favorite breakfast food that I never eat is probably french toast, and my favorite healthy breakfast NOW is an emmer/rye cracked grain hot cereal. Low calorie, non-wheat grains, highly filling and tasty too!
    .-= Taryl´s last blog ..Happy birthday to me! =-.

  23. Leah says:

    In the winter I love oatmeal and lately I’ve been having a Cliff bar and banana since I’ve been more on-the-go in the mornings.

    Eggs are also great when I’m home and have time to make them.

    Brownies still call my name, so I have to talk sternly to myself to stay away from them. They are a downfall food for me for sure.

    Not too much junk here for breakfast anymore. Thank goodness. 🙂
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Weigh-In …(1st GOAL!!) Getttin With It Update #7 =-.

  24. John says:

    Fav brekkie now is a smoothie. My unhealthy breakfasts were chocolate milk and 1/2lb M&M’s almost every morning!
    What was I thinking? Guess I wasn’t thinking!

  25. Mindy says:

    Oh my – I can so relate to the brownie situation! Been there and done that. On Mother’s Day, my youngest (15) declared that she was making brownies for me. I fought her off momentarily and then let her do it…knowing what it would mean. Yes, I ate nearly half of the pan (the side with walnuts, “my” side). Before nightfall, I FoodSaver’d the rest and threw them in the freezer. You can hear them quite as loudly with all of the insulation!
    New fave brekky – either a protien smoothie or protien pancakes.

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