If They Ask. . .

I’ve been on this journey for a long time. And honestly, even though I lost my weight years ago, I still consider myself on an unfinished journey. (But that’s another post!)

Today I wanted to share with you some of the questions I am frequently asked about my journey and how I respond.

If they ask:

How did you feel when you were heavy?

I felt horrible, ugly, like I had failed at life. I know this isn’t what I should have felt, but it’s the truth.

What was the hardest thing about losing 150 pounds?

The hardest thing was being afraid I would fail once again. That – and giving up chocolate for a while.

What was something that made you proud along your journey?

I was proud of a lot of things, but completing my first 5K was something I’ll never forget.

How did you keep going without quitting?

 I remembered how I felt at 305 pounds and knew that if I quit I’d know that feeling again.

What did it feel like to reach your goal?

It was rewarding, scary, exhilarating and sobering. I knew I finally weighed what I was supposed to and I had some fear about maintaining.

What’s one piece of advise you can give?

My piece of advice is really two. Never give up on yourself and believe that you are worth it. Because you are.

What about you?  Is there a question people ask you about healthy eating or weight loss? What’s your answer?  Diane


35 thoughts on “If They Ask. . .

  1. Samantha says:

    I am still on my journey, but people do ask me why I don’t eat junk food anymore. I tell them that I value my body too much to fill it with junk.

    I love your answers. Would you consider doing a Q&A post for us?

  2. Sara N. says:

    I love your answers and your honesty. I still feel bad about myself because I haven’t really made much progress. But I know that I am worth it and I can do this.

  3. Diane says:

    When i got down 110 lbs I got asked about what I ate all the time, as if there was a magic food that brought weight loss. I was asked how could I stand to eat so many salads a lot. I eat the same way now as I did then, but my body behaves very differently for a couple of reasons.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Smiling at my kidneys =-.

  4. Susan says:

    Wow Diane I love your honesty in the answers you give to the questions people throw at you. Its been a long time since I orginally lost the weight back in 1997-1998. When people ask how I lost my 40 pounds they are disappointed that I did it the “hard” way with diet and exercise:) The only way I know that really works:)
    I would be interested to hear what your daily workout and eating patterns are like now that you are in maintence. You always have such great posts you inspire me!

  5. Big Clyde says:

    Good questions and thanks for the honest responses. I love this site, because you truly know what it’s like to be on both sides of this battle. Thanks for the great posts.

  6. Tish says:

    I hadn’t asked, but I love to know your answers. It makes me think out my answers to the same questions. Especially instructive to me to think about how I felt when I was at my heaviest. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. vickie says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I read this. Because I understand the work that went into your weight loss. And how hard it was. But mostly because of the pain (physical and emotional) that you lived with while at your higher numbers. I feel so bad for people that live that way.
    .-= vickie´s last blog ..therapy appointment yesterday (Wednesday) =-.

  8. Mbini says:

    Mostly people say I am too hard on myself. or annoyingly give me a lecture on a healthy lifestyle which is usually bad advice 99% of the times. And stoping drinking coke for instance when I cant even remember the last time I had that beverage.

    When you are overweight, everyone seems to know better. And some skinny people are even more unhealthy. I am looking forward to the day I answer number 2.
    .-= Mbini´s last blog ..Fitness Journal Day13 =-.

  9. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    Well, it’s not about healthy eating or weight loss, but people always ask me about my knee injuries and what I wish I knew back when they first happened. I always say, I wish I knew how much easier it is to prevent an injury than recover from one.
    .-= Tracey @ I’m Not Superhuman´s last blog ..On Being a Writer =-.

  10. Deniz says:

    Regular Qs ans As seem to be…

    1. How did you do it? – Slowly… and I am still ‘doing it’

    2. How can you bear to keep dieting? – It never was a diet, just changing some stuff in my life

    3. Can you still eat pizza/puddings/cakes/chocolate? (substitute any food here) – Yep, just not too often or too much
    .-= Deniz´s last blog ..Emerging from the chrysalis and revisiting the past =-.

  11. Karen@WaistingTime says:

    People ask me about the whole low-carb thing and I try to explain that I eat plenty of carbs and am really on a “good” carb diet. But I also tell them that I do not miss grains at meals in the least and that I have a problem overeating them so do best to eat less or avoid certain ones.
    .-= Karen@WaistingTime´s last blog ..Going, Going, Not Gone =-.

  12. MB says:

    When I’m losing weight and people ask I usually tell them “we all know what we have to do to lose weight, right? It’s all a mind game. It works every time if I stop eating crappy processed foods, more fruits and veggies, tons of water and move – consistently.” What doesn’t work are those crazy diets where you lose it fast but it comes back on just as fast because they are unsustainable for the long haul.

  13. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    People always ask how I stay so lean.. I always tell them VERY hard work & eating clean most of the time. I make sure & let them know I do work very hard at it BUT you can still accomplish a lot without doing what I do. It all depends on your goals & how you want to look & feel.

    I also get the whole abs question a lot & I just say, you can do all the crunches & planks & reverse crunches in the world but you have to lose what is on top of them to see them! 🙂 Now that takes hard work!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? =-.

  14. Marcelle says:

    No I dont get asked any questions :(….weird hey..I only get looks, but think everyone is used to me this way now, its been a year since I lost the weight.

  15. Carla says:

    People ask me how I lost the weight, then when I tell them they inform me that it’s not good to “diet” or to “deprive yourself”!!! Oh well! Then if they see me eating a treat, they usually say, “Are you allowed to eat that on your diet?” 🙂
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..A very informative trip to the pharmacy =-.

  16. 'Drea says:

    People often ask if I’m on a low carb diet or what kind of diet I’m on. I tell them that I’m not on a diet and that I’m not doing anything that I can’t live with over the long haul.
    .-= ‘Drea´s last blog ..That Place In Your Head =-.

  17. tj says:

    Great post! A few weeks ago I went to a new weight watchers meeting for a lil extra support and when a fellow member asked me how long I have been doing WW I was a little embarrassed. 2 1/2 years. I did a post on it and decided that it did not matter how long it took me to get to goal- but what I did in that time frame. I think about how I have changed my life- how differently I look at food now. So I guess that question that made me feel badly about my journey at first, really made me proud. 🙂
    .-= tj´s last blog ..FAKE IT! =-.

  18. Tami says:

    I get questions or looks when I turn down dessert or fattening foods or questions from food servers when I order things with the sauce on the side and so forth. When they say you don’t look like you need to do that I explain to them the reason I look like I do is because I eat the way I do!

  19. RNegade says:

    There is a huge difference between weighing over 300 lbs and weighing about 190. So I guess I don’t follow the idea that there is a weight decided externally (a “supposed to” weight) that should determine my size. That would be oppressive. No thanks. A lot of people give up and regain massive amounts because they try to force themselves into a size that isn’t internally right for them, simply because of social pressure to achieve a culturally dictated perfection or “the ideal”. Also, they become obsessed with the feeling of control (an illusion) that can accompany food restriction or compulsive exercise. It is sad, and this perfectionist mindset contributes to eating disorders.

  20. Leah says:

    Having not lost a lot of weight yet I don’t get asked much. So, far the only question is “what are you doing?” to which I respond, “Just eating less and moving more.” 🙂 That’s my simple answer, because basically it really is that simple.

    If I get asked more details I share, but since I’m not following any one plan that sums it up for me.

    Thanks for sharing your Q&A!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Yuck & Yum =-.

  21. Learning to be Less says:

    I get “Wow! How did you lose it?” Like I can tell them I sneezed really hard and it all flew off. I want to say the hard way, but really even with surgery it is still hard. So I actually say with counting calories and LOTS of exercise.
    .-= Learning to be Less´s last blog ..Summer is Here!!! =-.

  22. Hope @ Hope's Journey says:

    A lot of times, I will get “How long did it take you to lose all the weight?”

    I tell them “Two years and then some.” 🙂

    Also, thanks for the comment on my last post. I’ve really been struggling with that issue, and I appreciate it. 🙂

  23. Laura Jane says:

    Although I’ve currently regained most of the weight I have lost, when I had lost a noticeable amount of weight, people would ask, “How did you do it?” I certainly don’t mind answering the question, but most people except you to tell them the name of some crazy diet or give them some weight loss secret. It almost sounds smart alecky (Sp?) to say the truth: I ate less and healthier foods and exercised more.
    .-= Laura Jane´s last blog ..Make It or Break It =-.

  24. John says:

    People still just ask what I’m doing to lose the weight. I tell them simply eating right and exercise. This week I think a couple of them thought I’d tell them some plan like Atkins,etc. But not this time 🙂

  25. Shira says:

    I have maintained a 50 pound, healthy weight loss now for over 17 years and the number one question I’m asked is how I did it. I think most people are looking for a magic pill or special trick, so sometimes they are disappointed when I explain that it was a combination of getting in the right frame of mind, eating better and lots of exercise. 🙂
    .-= Shira´s last blog ..Eating Las Vegas =-.

  26. Mary (A Merry Life) says:

    I often get asked A) how to get started and B) how to stay motivated. I’m not sure that I’m an expert to answer those questions, but they are ones I get a lot and I try my best. 🙂

  27. Cheryl says:

    I’ve lost just 21 pounds and have many more to go, so am not asked any questions yet. But, when (not if) that does happen, I will tell them that first I made up my mind that I wanted a healthy, lean body more than anything else, then learned to like the foods that would get me there. then, consistency. I trust the fact that I can’t keep doing the right things and get the wrong results.

    150 pounds, wow, just wow. No wonder people ask!
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Success Is In Your DNA =-.

  28. Cynthia (It All Changes) says:

    The question I hate the most but get all the timeis “How can you eat healthy all the time?” I don’t so it frustrates me that since people only see the 90% of the time they assume I don’t eat chocolate or ice cream. I usually am just nice and say “I enjoy good food in all forms.”
    .-= Cynthia (It All Changes)´s last blog ..Gym Switch? =-.

  29. Miz says:

    I frequently get asked HOW DO YOU KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOR SO LONG (not a big loss but off for years)?
    for me it is so simple.
    its just choosing every day to try again.

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