It Took Some Time to Feel Free

Yesterday we had a nice family time. We went to church, then came home and hung out for a while. We went swimming and then had a nice meal of barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, canteloupe and then we made a few s’mores in our backyard fire pit. I happily ate one and quit. The little boys enjoyed their s’mores a lot as you can see.

When we were eating dinner I thought about how far I have come in my attitudes and relationships with food. All those years ago I honestly believed that I was trapped. Not only trapped in my layers of fat, but trapped into my food choices. Thinking on 4th of July and what it represents to America made me think of freedom.

We are all free to eat whatever we choose, but the freedom for me comes in realizing I am not longer beholden to certain foods. I can say no, make a different choice and not spend hours and hours obsessing over whether or not I made the right choice.

I have to clarify though – this feeling of freedom has been a long time in coming, and I am NOT perfect. It was years before I really felt like I had sufficient self-control to have some chocolate in the house, and more years before I really believed that my new lifestyle was embedded in the core of my being.

I don’t give you those “years” numbers as a means of depressing you-rather I give you those numbers to impress on you that it really is a lifetime journey. At least for me it is. Successfully maintaining your weight loss is about choices and freedom. Yes, you have the freedom to make bad choices, but you also have the freedom to make the right choices. Will you always make the best choice? Probably not. But that’s okay – because living a life of freedom in food means not being in bondage to your past decisions or feelings about food.

That’s what freedom with food means to me.

What does freedom with food mean to you?  Diane

23 thoughts on “It Took Some Time to Feel Free

  1. Marcelle says:

    I’m still seeking the freedom after a year of maintaining ~ I still gain weight as I often make the wrong choices ~ I have come a long way, I feel it, I see it ~ I am proud, but I can do so much better.
    Thanks for reminding us that you too have to control and watch what you eat and make good choices.

  2. Susan says:

    Freedom with food for me means having the choice to eat healthy foods and watch portions or having a off plan meal or treat knowing that it isn’t the end of the world.That it won’t lead to a big binge and I can get right back to my healthy eating at the next snack or meal that day!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Still Not Feeling It =-.

  3. Pam says:

    I love this post! Its so true – there is an amazing freedom that comes with making the right choices for yourself and doing so without all of the obsessive thoughts is true freedom. I am slowly winning this battle, and it is very sweet. I am looking forward to getting my strength back and moving forward on this path. I doubt I will be taking things for granted for quite a long while, if ever, again.
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Lets Talk Food- Hospital Style =-.

  4. Marsial2010 says:

    Freedom with food occurred for me the year I went through menopause (6 years ago). It was like a switch had been pulled. I went from being an obsessive overeater to eating like a “normal” person. It definitely felt like an itch in my brain had been scratched. I also was a chocoholic and ice cream addict. My desire for both of those foods diminished to where I now have not bought chocolate in more than two years and have gone more than a year without ice cream. Amazing! I never would have dreamed that I could live without those two treats!
    .-= Marsial2010´s last blog ..My Pink Blouse =-.

  5. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    What a cool post Diane! Loved to hear about your holiday & how things have changed for you! I agree, it is a life long journey & as I always say I am a work in progress always! It also took me a long time/years to learn to deal with the “celebrations” & not worrying about the food around me that I did not want to be tempted with.. it is no big deal now… but it sure took time! 😉
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Questions -amp Answers =-.

  6. vickie says:

    such a good post and good tie-in to 4th of July too!

    you are right – it takes a LONG time to ‘take back the power’.

    To lose Victim Stance.

    And I think this (positive/empowering) change in thinking/perception is way more than food.

    It is about many different aspects of our lives.

    Food and Fat are just the parts easily seen.
    .-= vickie´s last blog ..Memory Boxes – a very red white and blue 4th of July post =-.

  7. Desert Agave says:

    I think for me freedom with food means being free from the terrible urges to binge that I used to get so often, being free to make choices about what to eat based on true body hunger instead. I haven’t binged in months, so I’ve had a taste of that freedom but I know I still have a lot of work to do.
    .-= Desert Agave´s last blog ..Slug Self vs Good Fun =-.

  8. Emergefit says:

    I spent 9 hours at the airport in Denver yesterday — weather related delays on both sides of the outbound plane. I was astonished (or maybe not) at all those people sitting there, eating, eating, and eating some more — mostly out of boredom. In 9 hours all I hate was some shredded chicken in a bowl — special ordered at the Mexican food place in the terminal. Yesterday I exercised my freedom to say “no” while those around me took advantage of their freedom. And so America goes…
    .-= Emergefit´s last blog ..Running Toward A T-Rex… =-.

  9. fittingbackin says:

    Great post, Diane! I haven’t found my way to freedom with food yet, but know i’m getting closer. I’ll know i’m free when I make the right choices more often, and when I no longer need the food scale as often!
    .-= fittingbackin´s last blog ..4th of July Lake Trip =-.

  10. PhluffyPrincess says:

    I agree. Feeling free as it relates to a healthy lifestyle for me = choosing healthy foods because I want to not because I’m telling myself this is what I “should” have. And while eating it not looking at/thinking about the other food choices longingly.
    .-= PhluffyPrincess´s last blog ..Point me please- Back to WW- =-.

  11. Lindsay says:

    I have the best memories of eating smores. A few years ago my parents made some in foil on their grill. Me being me opened one up and dug right in..not thinking about the mess they cause. I had chocolate from ear to ear. Everyone got a good laugh. This post is so true regarding the freedom to make healthy food choices. Sometimes it’s so hard in a large group of people to make the best decision possible. I remember how I used to think I “had” to eat what the group did. Things are different now.
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Family and Fireworks =-.

  12. Shawnee says:

    Being free from food means that I won’t be dreaming of my next meal at all times. It means I can eat out and leave stuff on my plate. It means when I take left overs home I can actually eat them the next day rather than an hour later. It means my stomach will stop hurting all the time. Oh I wish I were free from the bondage of food now!
    .-= Shawnee´s last blog ..5 day July 4th Weekend =-.

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