There Is No Glory In These

I admit that I am a bit on the frugal side. I enjoy the hunt of finding deals at yard sales, perusing the clearance rack for next season clothes for my growing boys and saving money using coupons. Sometimes though, being frugal isn’t a good thing.

Here’s my running shoes I was using up until Sunday.

Not so good. For the last month weeks I’ve been noticing that I could really feel the road when I was walking, and for me, that’s the signal that I need to get some new shoes. Feeling the road to me means that my shoes are done and finished. I also noticed that my knees seemed to be bothering me more and more. I put off shoe shopping 1) because I didn’t want to spend the money and 2) because I don’t like to shop for myself.

But on Thursday, I was walking and decided to jog for a few minutes, which I do almost every day. I started to jog and got this sharp pain in my foot. I immediately stopped and walked the rest of the way. I don’t know if the lack of support in my shoes caused the pain or not, but the pain was a wake-up call to me to stop running on those worn-out shoes and buy some new ones.

Yesterday, John and I went out and after much deliberation and walking around the shoe store, I found these:

Much brighter and shinier than my others don’t you agree? If you tend to wait to replace your tired exercise shoes, I’d encourage you not to wait. When you’ve traveled a lot of miles or just start feeling the road too much – get a new pair. It’s worth the investment to help you feet and legs stay strong.

Do you tend to put off buying new exercise shoes and try to make do?Β  Diane

29 thoughts on “There Is No Glory In These

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    ooh, those are similar to my running shoes! (Mine finally lost that new-shoe glow.) I used to wait for signs that the top of the shoe were wearing out fefore I bought new one. The bottoms would be almost smooth by that time and very thin, and my feet would get numb. The podiatrist straightened be out on the proper way to determine if it was time for new sneakers. πŸ™‚

  2. Pam says:

    I already have my running shoes all picked out…whenever I finally get to that stage, although it seems so far away right now.
    Yours look great and I am sure they feel that way, too!

  3. Susan says:

    Yep, just like you I tend to put off shoe shopping. As a matter of fact my shoes need replacing now. I hate to spend money on stuff just for me. Last time I bought a cheaper shoe too but I’ve been happy with them just time to replace them is all.
    Have a great holiday!!

  4. Miz says:

    I am coupon mcgee
    SO FREAKIN FRUGAL…except with the exercise shoes πŸ™‚

    there? I let loose mainly in fear of injury if I do not.

  5. Jules - Big Girl Bombshell says:

    Honestly, I tend to put off buying anything new for my self. Clothes,shoes, etc., until I absolutely have to…That is changing now…Once I started looking at my clothes, my appearance, as a self-care and a “treat” it started to change…All because of someone’s suggestion.


  6. Amy says:

    Cute running shoes! Since I took up running I am pretty good about making sure I have decent shoes at all times because it makes such a difference. I do love my Asics! I have two pairs of the same model that I rotate.

  7. Sharon says:

    Walking shoes and hiking boots are the two things I do NOT put off. Here is something that works for me because I, like you, am frugal (aka cheap!). Because of ongoing foot issues and the amount of walking/hiking that I do, this is one area where I cannot scrimp. I know which boot/walking shoe is perfect for me and when I see them on sale or can use a coupon, I buy whether I need them or not. Right now, I have new pair of walking shoes and a spare set of hiking boots in my closet that I’ve never worn. Both are the exact style that I’ve worn for years and both were less than half price. As soon as I wear either for the first time, I’ll start watching for the next spare pair at a great price.

  8. Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 says:

    Do you have a running store nearby that can measure your gait (free) and recommend shoes based on your pronation? The shoes are usually top-quality. It’s worth the money.

    I’m thrifty, too, and hate shopping (I only have one pair of pants to wear beside work-out cloths). But I will not skimp on tennis shoes.

    I have plantar fasciitis (and have to wear shoes all the time). If your foot pain is in your heel and it hurts to step on them in the morning, stop running/exercise walking until you get help for it. Don’t “push through the pain” in this case; it will only get worse.

  9. Marcelle says:

    Oh about time I would say,…they sure look like that have many many many miles on them…lots of hard work and sweat gone into those shoes….nice new one, oh how you are going to enjoy them.
    I have 3 pairs…so am able to get a little more use out of them…
    Road running shoes, Trailer shoes for forest and then shoes I do my normal teaching in….

  10. 'Drea says:

    Your new kicks are very nice. Also, I think if you were experiencing pain, replacing your other shoes was the right thing to do.

    I also have mixed emotions about replacing shoes after certain mileage. If I’m sliding across the floor in cardio class, then I know it’s time for a new pair. πŸ˜‰

    I never, ever forget watching The Lost Boys of Sudan and when some of them got permission to come to the United States, one Lost Boy left his sneakers behind for someone that remained in the refugee camp. In the US, those shoes would have been discarded a long time ago and, yet, these shoes with holes in them were left behind lovingly for someone else to still get use out of.

    I have more stories of older relatives who had no choice but to wear shoes until the soles wore out but I’ll stop… (Diane breathes a sigh of relief). πŸ˜‰

  11. Dr. J says:

    The right shoes are so important!! Don’t ask me how I learned this πŸ™

    It isn’t always a matter of cost. Some less expensive shoes are better than the more expensive. I am not a fan of Nike, they are too narrow. I suggest New Balance or Brooks usually, and Asics if you have a narrow foot, but know one knows better than the wearer. If you need any advice on your foot if the pain continues, please ask.

  12. Karen@WaistingTime says:

    I do put it off because the new ones never feel as good on my feet. BUT, I don’t hesitate to buy good (expensive) shoes for my workouts. I go to a specialty store where they spend time watching me walk and bring me the shoes that they think will best fit.

  13. Leah says:

    I never used to buy new tennis for myself until they looked awful. After starting jogging, getting hip pain and learning it was because my shoes were worn down I became an avid supporter of buying new shoes for running as soon as I need them. πŸ™‚

    It can seem like a costly habit, but being able to jog again was worth the cost.

  14. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Diane, like you, $$ are minimal so my workout money goes to shoes… that is why I have no real life clothes! πŸ™‚

    I also can feel it in my knees right away when I have waited too long…. I learned my lesson so I am better, not the best but better & I also have special inserts to help my very bad feet!

    Nice shoes!

  15. mamajuliana says:

    I have bad knees and bad feet-so the minute I feel that my walking shoes are not up to snuff…out they go! I get about 3 months out of a pair of sneakers! That is with my specialized insoles!!!

    Oh well, I’ll either pay for the sneakers or pay for surgery, right?

  16. Lori Lynn says:

    I left an award for you on my blog! πŸ™‚
    BTW, how old were your shoes? I’ve had my shoes for just over for a year. Went for a walk/run today, and they felt a little uncomfortable. I also noticed my shins hurting. Wondered if I needed new ones, though wasn’t sure.

  17. kwithme says:

    I am on schedule for replacing my shoes too. I just got them at the end of April and was surprised to feel that I already needed new ones. I run 3 miles 3x a week and walk or bike the other days. But then I remembered that the expert (he is truly highly regarded in our town) was surprised at the amount of crushing that had occurred in my previous pair of Brooks GTS’s in only 2 months of non-running fitness only wear. Sooo, I am hard on my shoes, really hard. I get new ones next week.


  18. Fran says:

    You totally deserved new shoes! I never wait with buying new shoes as I know how important it is to have good shoes for running.

    Right now I have two pairs of running shoes and 1 pair for the gym although I have to say I would replace a pair of running shoes earlier than those for the gym.

    Love the new ones. Enjoy them.

  19. Tami says:

    I have bad feet so good shoes are a must for me. My podiatrist told me to get new shoes every 500 miles or 6 months which every comes first.

    He sent me to a runners store to get fitted for the proper shoes. Even though I am just a fast walker they fit me for an Asics running shoe and I love them. I must be on my 6th or 7th pair now. What a difference they make.

  20. South Beach Steve says:

    I am one of the world’s worst at putting off buying new shoes. When I started walking a couple of years ago my newest shoes were 4-5 years old. I soon felt the pain from this. While I am better at this than I used to be, I still put this off too long every time.

  21. asithi says:

    I tend to be on the frugal side too and put off buying things until I absolutely need to. But when it comes to anything to do with exercise (ie. shoes or sports bra), I have new ones at hand at all times so I do not need to wait until I have a chance to find something on sale. Since I made exercise a priority years ago, it is easy for me to stock up on these things in advance since I do use them.

  22. Erica says:

    It is far cheaper to replace the shoes at the first sign of wear than to push them too far.

    I found out the hard way what it costs to hold off buying a new pair. I started getting a little pain in the top of my foot, not realizing it was due to worn-out shoes. Go forward less than a month and I’m barely walking, let alone exercising, due to the excruciating pain of plantar faciitis. It knocked me off my feet for several months, plus $300 in podiatrist visits and special (not custom) orthotics.

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