Bad Christmas Clothes

I honestly do not know what I was thinking when I was overweight. I purposefully made this dress and wore it to church.

Matching Christmas jumpers


Yes, it was Christmas. Yes, the little one looked cute in her plaid dress with little Christmas trees on it. Me? Not so much. I remember thinking how it was nice that there was so much “going on” with the fabric because a busy fabric meant that no one would notice that I was so big, or that the sleeves on my turtleneck were a wee bit tight. I honestly thought that.

I remember heading off to church and walking through the halls. People would say things like this:

“Oh, you match.”

“That’s a cheerful plaid.”

“Look, you even found the same color turtlenecks.”

What no one said was, “That plaid dress with Christmas trees on it looks great on you.” Not that anyone ever said those things to me when I was obese. I usually got the, “Oh, you got your haircut comment,” or some other innocous saying.

I could put up more pictures of me in very bad Christmas dresses, sweaters and even green pants with candy canes on them, but I’ll spare you the embarrasment of having to look at them. πŸ™‚ I had a little fashion philosophy back then which I abandoned as the weight came off. I told myself that the bigger the accessories, the louder the prints or the puffier the puffed paint there was – the less of my body people noticed.

As I lost weight, I realized that those big prints and bad dresses didn’t hide anything. It was all right there for everyone to see. My clothes couldn’t camouflage my weight, nor was I particularly good at picking out (or making) Β flattering clothes for myself. Once the weight started coming off, I stopped wearing clothes with holiday stuff all over them. One time John asked me if I wanted a “Christmas sweater,” and I looked at him as though he had lost his mind. “What?” he said, “You used to wear them.” I agreed and explained that for me, I just couldn’t wear those types of clothes anymore because 1) I didn’t like how they looked on me, and 2) those clothes reminded me of the years that I tried to hide behind big prints and ugly clothes.

I’m not a total scrooge – I may wear a pair of snowflake earrings very occasionally, but the bad Christmas clothes are a thing of the past. It was a “leaving behind” of something that reminded me of obesity and my attempts to cover up what couldn’t be hidden.

Have your style choices changed since you started changing your eating patterns?Β  Diane

24 thoughts on “Bad Christmas Clothes

  1. vickie says:

    ditto here on what I used to wear

    and I also had NO CLUE at the time

    and I still fondle the denim jumpers and dresses from time to time on the store racks, but now I know to walk away. . .

  2. Roxie says:

    Diane, a large part of this was the bad fashion of the times, so don’t hit yourself too hard! Holiday clothing was all the rage back in the day. My only big fashion change has been from “oversized” and sloppy to neater fit.

  3. blackhuff says:

    I think that everyone had this style you describe when they were overweight. I certainly did when I was very much larger than now. I had similiar dresses to “hide” my body but when I look at the photos now, I can actually see that this dresses has made me look larger than I actually was.
    Since losing a lot of weight (and I am still in progress), I now wear clothes which shows more of my middle, hips and butt. Because of how good these parts of my body look these days πŸ™‚

  4. Babbalou says:

    I can hardly stand to look at any photos of me from the 80s – and I wasn’t really overweight. Big glasses, big hair, loud prints. Now I enjoy wearing more fitted clothes, and a lot of black which makes me feel very thin – even though I’m not thin, just not fat.

  5. Dr. J says:

    After seeing what Santa wears at Christmas time I think we all need to be a lot less judgmental of what we all wear. It’s the spirit that counts!

  6. Sandy says:

    I’m sure it was also an 80s and early 90s thing. I was not overweight but I wore jumpers and matching dresses with my daughter when she was a toddler. I cringe when I see those pictures but I really don’t think it was just an ugly time for moms. I now shop for fitted clothes and like for my hard work to be evident.

  7. Desert Agave says:

    Oddly, my style hasn’t changed that much. At 302 pounds I felt most comfortable in jeans, a nice knit top, and a blazer. At 200 pounds I still feel most comfortable in the same get up. It is getting easier to find those clothes though. I sure do appreciate that!

  8. Jane says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I also identify “Christmas fashion” with being overweight. But it was also part of the fashion of the times (80’s were pretty awful), so I try to remind myself of that when I look at photos. Nevertheless, I also say to myself, “What were you thinking?” I also want to say to you, Diane, that in all of your pictures, I see a woman who always tried to look her best. You cared, and it’s obvious that you cared very much about how your children looked and were taken care of. You need to give yourself credit for that!

  9. Siobhan says:

    I was just taking that same walk down the 80’s memory lane looking through some photo albums…. ouch. Like someone else said, don’t be so hard on yourself, they were the clothes of the time. I just saw that dolman sleeves were making a come back … please, no.

  10. Jack Sh*t says:

    It’s mind-boggling the lengths we go to to hide our chubbiness, and how utterly self-defeating all our attempts are. One of the many benefits of losing the weight and getting fit has been that I no longer dress to try to hide what simply can’t be hidden.

  11. Lisa says:

    When I was 250+ I wore my clothes really big and baggy. I thought that hid the 100 extra pounds. Silly right? Looking back at photos now it made me look even bigger. I never wore patterns–always black, because I thought it made me look skinnier. LOL

  12. Sandi says:

    I wore jeans and t-shirts, mostly dark colors. I hated trying on jeans in the store so I found one brand that would fit and always bought that same brand. No needless trips to the dressing room for me! In the winter time I lived in sweats. Now I wear fitted clothes, lots of pretty dresses, different styles of jeans. It is so much fun!

  13. Cilla says:

    Awww. Matching outfits were really in at one stage (and they still make me smile because they’re so cheesy) but I hear what you’re saying.

    I never, ever, never used to wear anything sleeveless when I was larger. And always black or denim and dark colours. I look dismally miserable in the photographs I can find when I was big. I used to avoid cameras.

  14. Leah says:

    My styles are changing, though I’m not sure if it’s solely due to my weight loss or age. πŸ™‚

    I have noticed that I’m gaining the confidence to wear clothes or items, namely hats, now that I’m feeling better about myself.

    This was a great post, Diane. You’ve made me think a little, because now I wonder if I hide behind certain types of clothes or even attitudes or habits solely because of my weight. hhmm…food for thought – and calorie free! πŸ˜€

    I hope you’re having a great week!

  15. Debra says:

    Diane, You are a comedian. I viewed all your pics and even read the captions. I appreciate your humility and how you can laugh at yourself…and we all can relate to our ugly Christmas clothes. But I also see your beautiful smile. Now you have a beautiful smile and a slimmer you!
    I hope to be a “slimmer me” next Christmas! SHOW US A PIC OF WHAT YOU ARE WEARING THIS CHRISTMAS!

  16. Nicole, RD says:

    You guys were matching, but it was not flattering then or now πŸ™‚ Glad you’ve changed wardrobe styles πŸ™‚

    I definitely dress for my body at any size. I think it’s important to know what looks good and what doesn’t. I can count on my husband for brutal honesty!

  17. Quix says:

    I remember I used to be SO PARTICULAR about what I wore when I was heavy, thinking certain patterns and colors would make me look fat. News flash – everything did!

    I’m actually the opposite now – I have some green and white striped tights and tacky holiday clothes BECAUSE I’m a healthy weight and don’t have to worry about calling attention to my size. I’m just weird, not the weird heavy girl, hehe.

  18. Tami says:

    I love, love, love fitted clothes now.I want to show off my figure and no longer need to hide behind big loose fitting clothes. I do still like black, I just like the contrast of my auburn hair against a black background. However I do buy a lot more fun colored clothes now.

  19. Taryl says:

    Ditto everyone who now wears fitted clothes… The dealt stuff just makes me look like I’m under a tent, and often larger than I am. That is my caveat for moving to wearing more skirts in the next ten pounds or so – I know skirts can add weight to me, so I must wear a nice, fitted top with it and not go frumpy. Dresses, I have to make sure they are fitted through the bust and waist, no hiding under of drape that add weight on my frame.

    And yes, no themed outfits in general, unless very judiciously chosen!

    I do have to compliment your seamstress skills, none of your jumpers look badly tailored at all, its just that you were hiding yourself. One seamstress to another, I think you did a good job with what you had. You look a million times better now, due to the weightloss and more flattering clothing choices, but it wasn’t all bad!

  20. 'Drea says:

    I’m impressed that you know how to sew. πŸ˜‰

    My taste in clothes has changed dramatically. Even my choice in glasses has changed…

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