Christmas is Over

All the anticipation of Christmas vanished in a moment as the kids tumbled down the stairs and saw the presents carefully arranged.

We had a great time opening gifts, laughing over the “unusual” relative gifts that seem to appear each year. (I’ll leave them nameless, but they know who they are. 🙂 ) One of our daughters took this picture of John and I.

After the initial gifts we had turkey sandwiches on wraps, fruit and a few (or more) M&M’s.

 Then we opened stockings.

I tend to buy gifts that are too big for John’s stocking so I solved the problem this year by making a giant stocking to go with his little stocking. I don’t spend much money, as for a gift to make it into the stocking, it needs to be about .99 cents or less. (You’d be amazed what you can find for a few cents!)


After stockings, the kids spread out their new toys and we all enjoyed the rest of the day.  Eating was good, except there is a bit too much chocolate candy in the house. Even if each child gets just a bit of candy, it adds up. I’ll be glad and relieved when its over and gone.

I hope you all had a great celebration with your family.  Diane 

33 thoughts on “Christmas is Over

  1. Jane says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas. The best to you in the coming year. Thank you for sharing so much of your weight loss journey.

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t always comment-though I always read your posts, but I had to let you know that you have a beautiful family—of course I’m sure you already knew that, but it’s always nice to know that other people think so too. 🙂

  3. Sheri says:

    Your day sounded wonderful and your family looks precious, glad you enjoyed it!

    I have mixed feelings about Christmas being over because I know it will be awhile before I see my family again. However, I count myself blessed because I have them to share Holidays with still.

    • Diane says:

      A big candy cane, a cover for a 5-gallon bucket (!), a bottle to put gardening spray in and a few other things I can’t remember! (All too big)

  4. Sunny says:

    We celebrated the family Christmas on Sat., 12/18, then on Xmas Eve, packed up my mom and eldest daughter and drove to Vegas for the weekend! A first! Had a blast, but 2 buffets and a prime rib dinner were in the mix. That said, we kept it to 2 meals a day, and no snacking, so that wasn’t too bad. Still don’t think I’ll step on a scale until the end of January, though. Innocence is bliss? LOL

    Your family is lovely…just like you. Glad you had a good one! 🙂

  5. mamajuliana says:

    Thank you for sharing your family pictures.

    We gave up completely on stockings this year. I was outvoted by my own children! Oh well…I was outnumbered, then my husband abstained from voting…very graciously, I may add!

  6. susan says:

    Glad your Christmas was a good one! You have such a beautiful family.
    Most of the junk food is out of my house now thank God back to regular eating now:)

  7. Carol says:

    What a beautiful family and great pictures. You look fantastic. I love reading your blog and find it so motivating. I’ve been following for a LONG time, but don’t usually comment. Your posts just ALWAYS hit home. Thank you for the motivation. I am 67 lbs down, but unfortunately put back on 10 from Thanksgiving to Christmas (ouch) we did have our 25 anniversary (cruise) in there , but still 10 pounds…not good. Back on track now though. May 2011 be a great year for us both.

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