A Man’s Ring Was All I Had

A lot of sad things happened as I went from an average size 10 young woman to a morbidly obese I became the woman who said, “Oh no, nothing in this store fits me at all when I was shopping at the mall. Therefore, clothes became a tremendous problem, embarrassing moments happened by the boatload, and things I never gave a second thought to became difficult, like walking to the mailbox.

One such problem was my wedding rings. They were a size 6.5 and like everything else on my body, my fingers got bigger as my weight increased. At first the rings were just a tad tight. You’ve seen people with rings like this. It looks like the rings are sitting between two pillows. That’s how mine got. Then one day, as I was looking at my hand, I got concerned that I couldn’t get the rings off anymore.

So I pulled, and tugged to no avail. I remembered that cold shrinks things so I stuck my hand in ice water and then slathered lotion all over my finger. Imagine my relief when I was able to extract my finger from the too tight ring. My knuckle was bright red and painful for the next hour. I remember looking at those rings with extreme sadness. “I’ll never be able to wear them again,” I thought.

Fortunately, at some point I had been given a deceased relative’s wedding band. Oh, did I mention that the deceased relative was a MAN? Yes, I had a vintage gold band that was enormous – or at least looked enormous when compared to my original wedding band. I was actually glad that I had that back-up band to wear and it fit my fat finger perfectly.

So for about 8 years I wore that band, forgoing the wearing of my original wedding ring set. Why didn’t I just have my set re-sized? Well, two reasons. First, the size difference was so great it would have been difficult and expensive, and secondly, I held onto the original sized rings because I had a slight hope that I might actually be able to wear them again.

As I lost weight a lot of physical changes took place throughout my body. And one of them was that my fingers shrunk back down to size. You can probably imagine my happiness when the big, huge, thick wedding band I had been wearing became too big and finally started falling off my finger. I was thrilled to finally be able to wear my wedding set. And believe me, I had tried it on many, many times during my weight loss year!

Rings are a little thing to be sure – but I’ve held onto that gigantic wedding band as a reminder of how far I came, and where I never want to return. Do you have any jewelry related non-scale victories? Or is there a particular item you can’t wait to wear? Diane

20 thoughts on “A Man’s Ring Was All I Had

  1. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count says:

    Love this post, Diane. Strangely for me, even at my heaviest, my fingers did not get that much bigger. I have long thin fingers and they mostly stayed that way, luckily for me. If I were you, I would have that ring made into a necklace. The round “eternity” necklaces are popular. That would certainly be a candidate for that and it would have great meaning, showing what you have accomplished!

  2. Diandra says:

    My rings have all become too big – even the ring my older sister got from our grandmother when she was seven (we are a *big* family). It is sad, I used to wear this ring for many years, and I miss it every day. But right now I am not buying anything, because there is only one ring I would want. ^^

  3. I ❀ 2 Eat says:

    I’ve kind of seen this happen to my mom…I really don’t want it to happen to me! Thanks for sharing, Diane. There is a dress I haven’t worn in 6 years, but I was a bit scary thin at that point, so although I would like to wear that dress again, I don’t think I really want to be thin that way again…just want to be fit…does that make sense? It’s my favourite dress, though, and I’m going to try and give it a good home πŸ™‚

  4. Mairi Brown says:

    Your post got me thinking about my collection of rings. I have at least 12 rings waiting in a box for the day I can wear them again. Funny how I never gave up hope that one day I would wear them again. I’m going to have to pull them out and start trying them on again. Thanks for your post!

  5. Amy says:

    My husband and I have matching wedding bands and he normally doesn’t wear his, which is a few sizes larger than mine. So when I was at my heaviest (and also during my pregnancies) I wore his band. So glad now I can wear my own, even if no one else knows the difference, I do.

  6. Carrie says:

    Next month will be 6 yrs since I got married. I weighed a good 70 lbs more back then. I wanted to wait until I was done having babies. I just my rings resized and it feels like I have brand new rings. Now that they are smaller I will not let myself go back to where I used to be.

  7. Meg (@LadyMegSoprano) says:

    I’ve had to get rid of all of my costume jewelry rings, but that’s okay. I’ll replace them! My big victory is necklaces. I have a thicker-than-average neck when I’m at ideal weight. When I was overweight, it’s impossible to wear necklaces comfortably. It has been so much fun bringing my necklaces back out of the jewelry box and not feeling like I’m choking.

  8. Lisa says:

    I went through this too. After I lost 110 pounds none of my rings fit anymore. I was happy, for sure, but I was also sad because I had so many beautiful rings that I wore every day.

  9. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    I have a wedding ring NSV story too πŸ™‚ Although my rings never got too tight for me to wear (I was heavier when we got married than I am now), I’ll never forget the day that I tossed a pair of socks into the hamper and my rings went flying off my hand!

  10. Taryl says:

    I was fortunate, in some ways, that I was married nearer to my highest weight than my lowest weight, and so even pregnant at my high weight the ring fit (tightly, but still able to get it on and off each night). Now I have a slightly different problem – I haven’t bothered to resize it yet, because I am not done losing, but it is so loose I’m seriously afraid it would fly off my finger! So I wear this uncomfortable plastic spacer to take up some room and keep it on. But I HATE it!

    Resizing is going to require cutting the setting off and welding on a different band entirely, because just snipping and welding the ends will change the geometry of the top curve too much and I’ll likely pop stones (bad, when the cheapest of them is about 4k to replace!), so it is a big ordeal to do and that is likely my goal present to myself when I get down to where I am happy and feeling good (maybe 140? 120? Who knows!).

  11. blackhuff says:

    I can relate to your story.
    I got my wedding band when I was over weight, before I got obese. Through my years of being married, I got obese and my wedding bands also got as small as you described here. But instead of taking them off, I wore them although they were so tight. I on the other hand, was afraid if I took them off, that I won’t be able to wear them again. So I lived with them on my finger, so tight.
    Since I lost the weight, my wedding bands got so small that I had to re-size them twice and still are too big for me. In other words, I’m now much smaller than I was before I got married and than what my husband ever saw me πŸ™‚

  12. marie says:

    Fortunately my wedding ring has always fit but there’s a certain pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in years that I would love to fit back into. They are just in my closet waiting for me.

  13. nan @ lbddiaries says:

    I’ve had my engagement ring sized twice (from 6 to 8.5) but never my wedding band. The space between my knuckle and hand is too narrow for them both to fit. I am working toward the day I can not only have my engagement ring sized back down but slip my wedding band back on. I also have two beautiful necklaces that don’t hang right on my neck (too fat) and I can’t wait to be able to wear them again, too.

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