The Next 60 Days Can Be Amazing

There are about 60 days left until the end of this year and I want to issue a challenge to all of us to make these 60 days amazing.

In my obese days the last 60 days of the year were anything but amazing.

I did eat large quantities of amazingly bad for me foods:

I wore amazingly ugly clothes:

I sat on my amazing couch doing nothing but eating:

I gained an amazing amount of weight. One year I gained 20 pounds between November 1st and January 1st. True fact and not so amazing.

This year, I want you to look at these last 60 days as an amazing opportunity to improve your health, learn how to manage these holidays that keep coming around no matter what the year on the calendar says, and reach some goals that you may be tempted to set aside until 2013 rolls around. Make these 60 days count.

Manage The Holidays

Oftentimes we throw our hands up in the air during this time of year and say, “I just can’t avoid all the desserts and holiday food so I won’t even try to eat healthy.” I’d encourage you to manage the holidays instead of allowing the calendar to manage you. Three quick tips to make these last two months amazing are:

1. Look at your calendar and plan carefully. Learn to say no to events or programs you do not really want to attend, minimize your stress by exercising regularly, and schedule some “me” time.

2. Decide how you will handle holiday desserts and special foods. For me, I still rank my food and if those cookies or sweet potato pie aren’t at least a “9” on my food ranking, I pass them by. This technique helps me immensely.

3. Count your calories. As all of us know, when weight loss stalls or weight gain occurs, it is almost always because of calorie issues. If you see your weight going in the wrong direction, commit to tracking your calories to see where your calories are coming from and how many you are actually consuming.

 Improve Your Health

1. Instead of giving up on exercise because you are so busy, sign up for a 5K, set some new fitness goals, and chart out a plan to achieve them.

2. Commit to avoiding refined sugars most days, leaving you some leeway for a special holiday dessert or two.

3. Add new exercises into your routine. If you are a cardio person, like I am, set up a schedule for weight training. If you primarily weight train but really want to add more cardio, plan to achieve that goal over the next couple of months. Don’t forget that interval training is a great way to boost your calorie burn and fitness level.

Reach Some Goals

1. Commit to losing some weight over the holidays, if weight loss is your goal. I always found that I did better over the holidays if I expected to lose weight over the holiday months rather than just “hoping” I would.

2. Commit to maintaining your weight, if weight maintenance is your goal.

3. Set concrete personal goals like reading a book, spending time with friends, working on your novel, or getting your house organized.

How are you feeling about the last two months of the year in terms of your weight and health? Do you feel positive and in control? Diane

18 thoughts on “The Next 60 Days Can Be Amazing

  1. Fran@BCDC says:

    Great post, Diane! Gives me an idea for a post using a tool I used to give to my Weight Watchers members when I was a leader. Thanks, and thanks for always being so positive and encouraging! Have a great weekend!!

  2. blackhuff says:

    I remember how difficult my first year was when I tried to lose the weight during these festive 60 days. I read so much information on how not to fall of the wagon. I stayed clear of anything sweet, salty and bad during the 60 days and succeeded. The second year was much better and this year, I’m not afraid at all as I have enough trust in myself to fly through this 60 days.

  3. Emergefit says:

    I’ve always like the challenge of losing a few pounds throught the holidays. Not sure where this comes from, but I defititely tighten up in November/December.

  4. C says:

    Last year was my first attempt to be healthy over the hollidays and I did pretty good. I focused on eating great and excersizing on regular days and only ate sweets of nonnormal food at the events themselves. Christmas day, New Years eve, Thanksgiving day, work holiday party. I’m single with no kids so I’m sure I have fewer events than most and that makes it easier for me. Hey thats why I’m doing it now, I can focus on me!
    If I look at it as the hoilday season then I will be more likely to overeat or slack off throughout but, for me, it helps to see them as only a day a set time where things are different. Also, instead of cookies or candies I got crafty and made things for the people who I would give a little something to. Less food around my house. Also, do not accept leftovers-they only lengthen the strange eating days. This year I will stick with what worked from last year and all the insight I have learned since then.
    Thanks Diane for a great and timely post!

  5. Amy says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Diane, that we can get through the next 60 days mindfully aware of what we put in our mouths and come out happier on the other side; OR we can do the opposite and curse ourselves on January 1st!

  6. Sarah says:

    Last year these two months were bad. At clients there was a lot of chocolate and mince pies around and I couldn’t seem to stop eating them – I just basically gave up till after Christmas. It wasn’t a good plan – I put on about 5 pounds and spent Jan and Feb trying to get them off.

    This year I have already made some of your goals – I’m cutting back on refined sugars and desserts, planning treats in rather than a free for all, following and preceding planned treat meals with healthy meals, and committing to maintaining my weight over the next two months.

    A lot of my recent desserts have been a square or two of dark chocolate. Fingers crossed for the next 60 days.

  7. Jody - Fit at 54 says:

    I feel good!!! 🙂 Great post Diane!!!! For me, I am so aware that sometimes I lose weight. BUT saying that, years under my belt & I have learned to pick & chose & plan & not just eat thru the holidays. I know I can have treats all year long if I stay committed to my healthy life. I don’t need to eat it all in a couple months….

  8. Joe says:

    Those are some good points to consider in the next couple months. For me I know I’ll have to say no more than yes during the holidays. All that hard work I’ve put in the last couple months can’t go down the tubes eating cheesy potatoes and egg nog.

  9. Lou says:

    Totally agree with the ‘food ranking’ tip. I am struggling with an influx of free food left over from events and important meetings at work but we all know it ain’t really free! One of our senior managers tried to push a mini carrot cake on to me the other day (1 of my top 2 weaknesses). I pretended to take it and back to my desk with it, sniffed it (mmm yep…cream cheese frosting smelt gooood, so far it’s a 9 ), then I poked it with my knuckle. Aha! Hard as a rock. Now it’s a 6. I don’t think so – no way I’m walking my arse off for another hour in exchange for a 6!

  10. Cindy says:

    I don’t feel as in control as I’d like to be at this point. I’ve been at a conference all week and so Nov 1 came around a few days ago. I had one good day when I got here and it’s been downhill since then. I’ve been out of control with the food and drinks. So, I think I’ll call it ‘The next 55 days can be amazing’ which is still way better than ‘The next zero days will be amazing.’ !

  11. Elizabeth says:

    What a great post! This is an “amazing” idea 🙂 I step up to that challenge and lose or at least maintain through the holidays. I love the idea about a food having to at least be a “9” for an indulgence. All great tips for surving the food tempations during this time of year.

  12. Stephanie G Travis says:

    Diane …Thank you for your encouraging post! This is how I am going to handle the holidays: I am going to have one meal (not a day but a meal) on Thanksgiving and Christmas where I don’t have restrictions. But when that meal is done, everything else is on program. So, no day-after-Thanksgiving indulges. For Christmas, depending on what my family is doing, my no-restrictions meal will be either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I will choose this day beforehand and be specific about it in my promise to myself. This means no snacking on desserts, trays of food, leftovers, etc. before the meal or days afterwards. I’m not going to keep leftovers in my home that are not on my plan.

    One suggestion for dealing with food at parties: While socializing around tables of food, sit and stand with your back towards anything that is tempting. Get it out of your vision. Make a point to concentrate on getting to know people, stay in the moment when conversing. Be connected to people, not food, during the holidays.

  13. evilcyber says:

    A long time ago I somewhere read the line “today is the first day of the rest of your life”. That struck me as very true, because the future seems such a hazy thing, while, in reality, today is yesterday’s or last week’s future.

    Before you know it, the 2013 Diane talked about will be the past. We already are at this moment getting to decide what it will look like.

  14. Taryl says:

    Good post! And very true. Sixty days can do an amazing amount of dietary damage, OR it can be an excellent jumpstart. A lot of weight can be lost in sixty days, while still enjoying the holidays. The best tip I think you have, and one I need to implement more intentionally, is only choosing the desserts or favorite holiday foods that are truly fantastic. If I’ve going to have a portion of something off plan for thanksgiving dinner or Christmas potluck, it’s going to be stellar or I’m just not bothering.

    Tomorrow is Election Day and we have a party for my MIL planned at my favorite steakhouse. There will be tons of appetizers as a buffet and I can also order dinner. You know what? I’m just ordering a full dinner. I can get that on plan and be I credibly satisfied without ever touching the junky appetizer food we’ve acquired for everyone else. It is a treat and I can still enjoy the excitement of the event, but it doesn’t have to involve major off plan eating. It’s those kinds of choices I didn’t have in perspective before that I do now, with more time behind me. My health is more important than _______ tasty junk food.

    And you’re reminding me, I need to write a blog post about the event and my strategies for it, too! That will be for tomorrow, I think, as I already blogged today.

  15. Megan says:

    I live in Australia and the holiday season is not that bad mostly because it is our summer and we tend to eat lighter foods. For me christmas is about eating watermelon and swimming all day with my family! 🙂

    While I will be having a white Christmas this year in Sweden, I’m not worried. Possibly because I have lost weight over the Christmas period in Sweden before and am sure I can do it again!

  16. Rachelle says:

    I am not familiar with the technique of ranking your food…is there a post that you explain it in? It sounds intriguing and maybe it would help me with all this Halloween candy stuck in my house!

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