My Story Into And Out Of Morbid Obesity

I have always loved videos of people who have overcome great obstacles, challenged themselves to go beyond what they ever thought themselves capable of, or just were inspiring because of who they were as a person.

Although this video may not live up to any of those descriptions, I finally put together a video of my story that I hope will inspire and encourage anyone who watches it. If you feel inspired, I’d be honored for you to share it.


When I was 305 pounds losing 150 pounds seemed impossible. However, there are very few things in life that are truly impossible if we focus our energy toward our goals and dreams. Diane


32 thoughts on “My Story Into And Out Of Morbid Obesity

  1. Emergefit says:

    Excellent. I’m going to share this with someone I am consulting with — not training, but consulting because she lives too far from here. She weighs in excess of 400 pounds. I have already introduced your blog to her, but this is definitely worth another poke.

    Well done.

  2. Eesh says:

    Wow! Your journey was such an amazing one. Watching your video made me tear up because it hits the nail on the head for me. Only difference is, I don’t have any kids yet.

    You’re such an inspiration.


  3. Holly from 300 Pounds Down says:

    Loved the video!! Your weight loss has inspired me and your book was great. I read it several months ago and I still have it on my bookshelf. You really are continuing to be such a guiding light for so many out there who need to overcome this . And those with children (like myself) often say we can’t do it b/c of the kids. We don’t have time etc. But you show that even with 7 kids you can still do it!!!

  4. Amy says:

    I loved seeing this, Diane – congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all! Best wishes to you and your lovely family for the coming new year.

  5. Blessedmama says:

    So inspiring! What an awesome video. Love it. This is why I keep coming back and back to your blog. I can hardly wait for the day to tell you that I’ve reached my goal.

  6. Diane Carbonell says:

    Thanks Norma! Yes, there were four after I lost the weight and many more miscarriages. I always try to encourage women that pregnancy and birth doesn’t spell the end of a healthy weight – it takes a bit of work to get back to a healthy weight, but it is totally worth it!

  7. blackhuff says:

    You are very inspirational to me and thus the reason why I come back to your blog whenever I see your new blog post in my Google Reader.
    Fantastic job well done, Diane. You’re going to inspire a lot more people in the future.

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