What Are Your Blue Ribbon Foods?

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Do you have a favorite food or a food that you would award a blue ribbon to? Is there a food that you look forward to eating no matter the time of year or time of day? This question was harder to answer for myself then I had initially thought. When I thought about doing a post on a favorite food I got stuck.

What is my favorite food, or do I even have a favorite? I could be all magnanimous and say my favorite food is carrots but you guys might not believe me. Or I could tell you my favorite food is brown rice, but I’d be lying.

I’ve been thinking about this all day and realized that I don’t just have one favorite food, but rather some favorite foods from different categories. When I was morbidly obese my favorite food was chocolate. Chocolate is probably not the best favorite food to have!

I didn’t have favorite foods in categories such as:






I really only liked chocolate, and the more chocolate I ate during the day the less of those other foods I ate. These days I still do like chocolate, but it isn’t a mainstay of my diet. Now, I really do have some favorite foods in the categories above. I realize that I didn’t have to give up chocolate, but instead I added in lots of other yummy foods into my list of favorites.

So here are my favorites in those categories:

Vegetables – Asparagus

Grains/Beans – Black Beans

Meats – Chicken Parmesan (I know it’s a recipe!)

Fruits – Watermelon

Dairy – Greek Yogurt (I hate milk.)

It was hard to just list one food, as there are many foods in all the categories except dairy that I really like.

Are you up for sharing your favorite foods in all or some of those categories? I think it’d be fun to see what everyone loves!  Diane

30 thoughts on “What Are Your Blue Ribbon Foods?

  1. vickie says:

    the only things I do NOT like are Lima beans and rhubarb.
    I not only love, but am thankful for, the whole category of green veggies (green beans, asparagus, spinach, kale, brussel spouts, etc) because it increases my food volume very nicely.

    I smiled at the chocolate (which isn’t actually a food in my book).

  2. kwithme says:

    Vegetables – Asparagus, mushrooms (this is pretty much an all time favorite)

    Grains/Beans – Black Beans

    Meats – Chicken Schwarma since recipes are allowed

    Fruits – Cantaloupe, d’anjou pears – ripe

    Dairy – healthier goat cheese, not so healthy lactose free ice cream

    This is funny because when split into categories, some are easier but others are hard. LIke, I am not crazy about animal protein so my favorite protein is pecans. My all-time favorite food is mushrooms though. I will order almost anything with mushrooms in it. Also cook them myself and eat lots of them.

  3. Caron says:

    I like almost everything except anchovies and beets. I have a long list of “cannot eat foods” that give me a bellyache, but I like them and would eat them if I could.

    Vegetables – Green beans — I never get tired of them

    Grains/Beans – Black Beans

    Meats – Tandoori Chicken

    Fruits – apples/oranges in winter watermelon/strawberries in summer

    Dairy – Greek yogurt

    I would have a hard time choosing between peanut butter and ice cream. Both are trigger foods that I don’t have too often. 🙂

  4. Gwen /Sunny says:

    Cashews. But I’ll settle for whole, natural almonds (but only Blue Diamond. All others taste stale by comparison.)

    BBQ beef ribs. I admit it.

    cherries. In any format except chocolate covered.

    passion fruit juice.

    Laughing Cow Lite French Onion or Strawberries & Cream cream wedges.

    Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. (I know, I know….)

    Honestly, I don’t like most vegetables; I eat them because I know I must. 🙁

  5. Babbalou says:

    A perfectly ripe peach is my favorite food! In the grain/bean category I’m very fond of homemade polenta (with a little butter and cheese mixed in). I’m not crazy about meats, but eat them all in small quantities. I guess my favorite is probably chicken, particularly if it’s made with tomatoes, feta and greek olives. Vegetables are a toss between roasted carrots and roasted brussel sprouts, although I admit to eating spinach and tomatoes just about every day. I’ve lost my love of chocolate but coffee has taken its place. For dairy, it’s goat cheese.

  6. Ines says:

    This is funny!

    Vegetables – Spinach

    Grains/Beans – Quinoa

    Meats – Codsifh (Portuguese style)

    Fruits – Watermelon and pomegranate

    Dairy – Parmesean

  7. From Polyester to Spandex - Kimberly says:

    Vegetables – Broccoli, I love it any way…cold, steamed, by itself or mixed in with other things, and lately, I’ve fallen in love with broccoli slaw as a substitute for all things pasta!
    Grains/Beans – Healthy Life brand bread. I still enjoy eating bread, albeit in limited quantities, and this one has stats I can live with!
    Meats – Basic, but chicken breast. So versatile!
    Fruits – Hands down, seedless watermelon! My absolute favorite!
    Dairy – 50-calorie high fiber yogurts, and low calorie spreadable cheese wedges

    Even 18 months and 155 pounds into my journey, I’m still surprised some days at how easy it really is to find healthy alternatives for just about everything I used to eat in my heaviest days. It just takes a little effort to learn on the front end, but then, eating well becomes second nature!

  8. Marc says:

    Very Interesting topic. An honest assessment of the foods I eat most often (I guess those are my blue ribbon foods because they are consumed in the highest quantities compared to others)
    Meats – chicken, salmon and Spam with my eggs.
    Vegetable – Broccoli, cabbage, onions
    Fruit – Fuji Apples
    Grains/Beans – Black beans and Oats as in Old fashioned Oatmeal, & all kinds of mixed nuts.
    Dairy- hard cheese, half and half for my coffee. I haven’t drank a glass of milk in years.
    Oh…peanut butter by the spoons full. I really ought to cut back on the pb.

  9. Tammy says:

    Only a few foods that I don’t like, Horseradish, Blue Cheese and my most despised BEETs. It’s hard to pick favorites to award blue ribbons too, but today I would say:
    Vegetable: Zucchini
    Grains/beans: Navy beans
    Meat: Ham
    Fruit: Strawberry
    Dairy: Butter
    Some are the not the healthiest choices, but I love em. This was fun!

  10. Janis says:

    Cauliflower. I can and often do steam an entire head of the stuff and eat it. It’s the only food I’ve ever used the word “binge” in relation to. It’s heaven. Fresh artichokes. Kumquats. Clementines. Nearly anything lime-flavored. (I LOVE citrus.) Stayman winesap apples. (Haven’t had one of those since I moved to the west coast.) Totally with you on asparagus. I felt like I knew I was weird when I got back from seeing my family over the holidays and eating cookies for breakfast, and the idea of having an entire steamed bundle of asparagus made my mouth water. Portobello mushrooms. Roasted bell peppers. Asian pears.

    Thai green curry with tofu. Vindaloo. My mom’s pumpkin bread. Broccoli rabe sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic. Fresh gnocchi.

    In the holiday food department, it would be pecan pie, butterscotch cake, ginger-molasses cookies, cinnamon buns. They’re once-a-year foods, though. Oddly, as much as I love chocolate, I’ve gotten away from it as I’ve aged. I still adore super-super-dark stuff, but there are many holiday desserts that I would prefer over it now.

    Thai iced tea for beverages.

    I’m hungry now. 🙂

  11. Sarah says:

    Vegetables – Mushrooms, I try and add them to as many recipes as possible!

    Grains/Beans – Probably pasta or couscous although try not to eat too many helpings of either, and keep portion sizes small. I don’t choose pasta if I go out for dinner because one plate comes with enough pasta to serve a family of four in my opinion! I’m not fussed for beans. I like tinned baked beans.

    Meats – Roast chicken, or a medium rare steak with a nice pepper or blue cheese sauce

    Fruits – Bananas and strawberries. And sharon fruit. And papaya. I eat a lot of bananas as they are cheap.

    Dairy – Cheese. Cheese is probably my favourite food overall. On its own, on a cheese board, with celery and chutney, with crackers, in a toastie, with pasta or lasagne or on pizza… Along with sweet stuff its the one thing I have to keep an eye on my intake of!

    Good question thank you!

  12. L says:

    About the only veggie I don’t like is cooked spinach, the kind out of a can. I love spinach other ways. Pretty much avoiding all canned veggies these days and for a while now. Fruits I’m a little more picky about. I don’t like fruit that is hard or has very little taste, and I stray away from the fruits with high sugar content, since I’m a sugar addict.

    Another fun post. Thanks, Diane!

  13. Madijo says:

    Vegetables – Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes
    Grains – Chips & Chocolate Bars/ All types Beans
    Meats –BK Hamburgers/All Fish
    Fruits –BK Apple Pie/Pomegranate
    Dairy – Cheese/ Light Laughing Cow Cheese

  14. Janis says:

    Should have done the categories!

    Vegetables: nearly all of them except okra, which I can’t believe anyone actually puts in their mouth. I love the freshness, the crispness, the vivid colors and flavors …

    Grains/Beans: I like almost all grains, especially rice and barley. Not a bean fan, though.

    Meats: Chicken or turkey if I have to, but again, I’m not a huge fan of meat. Seafood is decent, especially the really firm fish like tuna and swordfish. I LOVE sushi. Scallops are okay in lasagne. I’ve had good crab, but there is a big part of my brain that goes IT’S A GIANT COCKROACH! RUN! RUN! whenever I get near them. 😛 Same with shrimp. I really don’t like my food to have quite that many legs.

    Fruits: My favorites are anything citrus and crunchy, tart apples. I’ve never been a massive peach or pear fan, except for Asian pears which I adore. Bananas are revolting. I can’t handle the texture.

    Dairy: Ice cream. 🙂 I only use milk in coffee, and some butter on things like bread or sometimes vegetables. Cheese is lovely, but I don’t use a ton of it. It seems to go a long way.

  15. Jody - Fit at 55 says:

    This is cool Diane!!!! Here are some of my loves: Broccoli; HEALTHY whole grain breads – I am NOT going to stop eating bread! ;), nuts (I am love with this no salt mix from Costco), a mixed grain hot cereal from TJ’s (instead of oatmeal – I like the make up better), Greek yogurt, lean chicken breast & extra lean ground turkey, I love so many fruits! :), sweet potatoes, Yes to coffee from Roy!

    I like everything I eat – it is so hard. I don’t have tons of choices in my house – just things that really work for me.. 🙂

  16. Joy says:

    Veggies- I love red peppers,cooked onions and cucumbers I love them in my sandwiches
    Fruits- cherries and grapes
    Grains and beans- couscous
    Meat- steak
    Dairy- my new favourite is Greek yogurt

    I had to really think about a few of the categories lol

  17. jeanette says:

    Eggs were life changing for me… my fresh hens eggs every day. And yogurt…I make my own greek yogurt.. it is to die for and I eat tons of it every week since I really don’t eat much meat. Gala apples make my life happy and almonds too. I also eat my homemade fresh milled bread every day…. gosh I sound like a food snob. I’m not…just blessed!

  18. Amanda says:

    If I liked food less in general, I wouldn’t be in the case I’m in at the moment, that being trying to knock of just over 10 lbs that I managed to put on over the holidays. Genius, I haz it! Thankfully there are loads of less-bloaty foods I enjoy, so I’m not going to starve while I whittle this off. My favorites?
    Vegetables – Broccoli. I could eat it every day. Wait… I do.
    Grains/Beans – Black beans and chickpeas. They’re tied.
    Meats – Pork of any kind. Right now I’m sticking with tenderloin.
    Fruits – Strawberries and orange citrus (including clementines). Yes, another tie!
    Dairy – Cheese, full stop. Thankfully there are a few reduced fat varieties I don’t loathe. 🙂

    For lunch today I might haul out the oatmeal and stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter, one of honey, and some unsweetened cocoa powder (the calories for unsweetened cocoa powder are insanely low and that brings me HUGE amounts of joy). That’s sounding amazing right now.

  19. Dr. J says:

    I like many of what has been mentioned, especially Norma’s and Roy (except chicken).

    So I’ll offer up, POPCORN! (Air-popped of course). It’s the least understood whole grain out there, I feel. My only concern is altered genetic stuff with corn, and I don’t know if that affects popcorn.

  20. Leah says:

    One of my favorite healthy dishes is my homemade ceviche. It’s made up of the following all diced and tossed in a bowl:
    white onion
    Toss with some lime or lemon juice, oregano, garlic powder and salt and eat with a couple tortilla chips. YUM!!!!! 😀

    I’ll stop with that. It’s just one of those dishes I and my family love and I love that it’s good for us.

  21. Taryl says:

    I have so many foods I love and eat regularly, but I can choose one in each category except fruits (not been wanting those much at all lately)

    Fun food – 75% dark chocolat from Bonnat Voiron, just six grams is enough to satisfy 🙂
    Dairy – Pecorino Romano, it’s sheep milk Parmesan, essentially.
    Vegetable – Sauerkraut!
    Meat – Sardines, they’ve been a craving of mine for months and with a little yellow mustard it’s heaven from a can 🙂

    I have lots more, almost everything I eat in a given day is delicious and satisfying, I don’t seem to get tired of it. But this is the shorter list than my whole food log, and DEFINITELY more diverse than pre weight loss. I enjoy the flavor of food so much more now that the sugar and processed junk is out of the picture.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Hard to pick just a few favorites. Veggies: turnips, brussel sprouts, and green beans
    Fruit: granny smith apples
    Nuts: pistachios
    Meat: chicken
    And I really, really love pasta but must limit it to just once a week or every two weeks.

  23. Courtney says:

    Vegetables- corn, zucchini
    Grains/Beans- pasta
    Meats- shrimp
    Fruits- clementines, grapes, apples, and bananas
    Dairy- Chobani yogurt

    I’m on the first day or my diet and this is my first day with the blog, wish me luck!

  24. Pamela says:

    Love this post!

    Grains/Beans-Black beans
    Meat-filet of beef and shrimp
    Fruits-clementines, bananas, grapefruit, all berries, pineapple

    When you take away all of the junk you used to eat, it is amazing what is leftover!

  25. Karen P says:

    Veggies. – tomatoes, avocado, kale, Brussels sprouts and asparagus, red & yellow bell peppers.

    Grains – gave up to maintain my weight & health. Don’t miss them. Love the health.

    Meat- chicken, turkey, grass fed beef , bison , sometimes hake or salmon or shrimp

    Fruit – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, in season oranges & peaches

    Dairy- lactose intolerant, so no dairy , occasional blue cheese on a Cobb salad is okay.

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