Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I used to think I hated brussels sprouts, but then again, I had never tried them. Maybe I just thought I hated them because of how they looked and how I thought they were going to taste.

Well, I asked on my Facebook page one day on ideas on how to prepare these green little vegetables and got some good ideas. I tried them once and cooked them too long and burned the batch. I’ve tried again several times and finally hit on the preparation method and simple recipe that my whole family loves.

I bought a bunch of brussels sprouts and washed them thoroughly. Well, actually my five year old washed them because he thinks it is fun.

Next, I cut them in half lengthwise. In other words, right through the stem. If you look carefully at the picture below you can see where I sliced a 1/4 inch slice into the stem end of each brussels sprout. This really helps them not get all shriveled up and weird looking.

Next toss them with some good olive oil, a bit of salt, and some garlic. Then lay them in neat “soldier-like” rows on a baking pan. I like to line mine with parchment paper for easy clean-up. With seven kids, easy clean-up is a blessing.

Then wait just 15 to 17 minutes. No longer – or I promise you – those little babies will burn to a crisp. Take them out and enjoy.


We actually had to tell our five year old to stop eating them because I was afraid he was going to be sick. He just couldn’t seem to get enough of them!

I hope you try these and that your family enjoys them as much as we do! Diane

What a Week!

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