001: Fit to the Finish Podcast: My Weight Loss Story

Fit to the Finish Podcast

In this very first episode of the Fit to the Finish Podcast, I share with you my journey into obesity and how I turned my life around. Although I wasn’t always obese, there were some indicators early in my life that I might eventually have a problem controlling my food intake. Although I did not recognize those indicators at the time, looking back, I see the danger signs.

Talking about my morbid obesity was not always easy, but I now know that sharing my story not only encourages other people, but helps me stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight.

In this episode you will learn

  • My backstory
  • How I gained 150 Pounds
  • How it felt to be 300 pounds
  • My weight loss journey


I hope that you will enjoy this first podcast. You can download it to your phone, computer, or mp3 player to listen to later. I have plans to publish a podcast about two times a month and already have episodes 2 and 3 lined up and ready to go.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts.Β Diane

33 thoughts on “001: Fit to the Finish Podcast: My Weight Loss Story

  1. Ellen says:

    I am stunned by this podcast…it’s like it’s me talking. Even down to the being 5′ 10″! I really, really enjoyed listening to this podcast, thank you so so much for sharing!

    • Evelina Micall says:

      Hi Ellen! I l also like listening to podcast because there are times that I’m too lazy to read so I prefer listening to this. BTW, I like the story of Diane. She’s really inspiring! πŸ™‚

  2. Marc says:

    Hi Diane – It was good! 29:54 (I admit I skipped through parts.) My attention span needs 5 to 10 minute segments to retain my attention. You do sound like a sweet southerner gal who has a pitcher of lemonade ready on a hot day:)

  3. Mark Miller says:

    I listened to the whole thing. I really enjoyed hearing your story and passed it along to my friend who needs some inspiration. I think this could be the start of a very popular Podcast with folks who might never read your blog. Keep it up and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  4. Laura says:

    I have often thought you should do one and I’m glad you have. I listened to the first half – very inspirational and especially knowing how long you’ve kept the weight off.

    I hope it takes off and you keep doing them. Will it be on iTunes?

  5. SamanathaJ says:

    Love, love! I downloaded it and listened while I was walking on the treadmill. Thanks for the taking the time – I know firsthand how long these kinds of things take.

  6. Mona says:

    I listened to the first 20 minutes and will get the rest later. I liked how honest you were and you are quite funny!

    I too would love to hear more and have some focused on specific weight loss issues such as spouses, kids, social situations, grocery shopping, etc. Keep them coming!

  7. KayeF says:

    Thank you for this. I was in my car and listened to it on the way home from dropping my kids off at camp. I felt like you were talking to me and I appreciate it so much!!

    I hope you will do more – and like one of your other readers (now listeners) – available on iTunes for subscriptions?

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Diane! Thanks so much for this podcast. I am one of those that will download and listen while I go for my walk today. It will provide great motivation. πŸ™‚

  9. Anna says:

    Just finished listening and I enjoyed it very much, thanks. I hope we will be able to subscribe via a podcast app so the iPad screen can sleep while I listen, as it didn’t work that way here. But I liked it and I look forward to future podcasts! πŸ™‚

  10. Cindy says:

    Wow! I had no intentions of listening to the podcast since I’ve read the book. Then I thought ‘why not?’ and was stunned. I was really surprised at how it felt like you were right there in the room with me! I have to admit that since I’ve read the book I didn’t get anything really new (except I don’t remember your exchange with John after your first couple of days of walking) but it was still very inspiring. Thanks for this! I can’t wait for future podcasts!
    On a totally different note, I made your Asian Chicken Noodle Toss recipe (http://www.fittothefinish.com/recipes/chicken/asian-chicken-noodle-toss/) tonight and it was AMAZING! I doubled the veggies and the sauce and it made a lot and was so delicious!

    • Diane Carbonell says:

      Thank you Cindy! This first episode really did mirror the book but I have a list of about 50 topics that should complement the book but not be a mirror image. As you can imagine, I have lots to say about weight loss and weight maintenance.

      I appreciate your feedback on the Asian Chicken Noodle Toss – we like it but I rarely know if anyone else does!

  11. Sandi says:

    I am so happy you are doing a podcast Diane. I really enjoyed it. I will keep listening to them at work, that’s where all the temptation to eat sweets is.

  12. Jessi says:

    Have downloaded the podcast and really looking forward to reading it after all the rave comments above. Thanks!

  13. Tiffany says:

    I’ve downloaded the podcast and look forward to listening during my walk. I need the inspiration and I think your site will be a huge blessing. Thanks!

  14. Phen375 reviews says:

    Good one Diane… enjoyed hearing the podcast. It will definitely encourage other seeking for different ways to lose weight.

    @Cindy Can you help me out in finding some more yummy recipes for vegan.. ?

  15. L says:

    Great pod cast. Very conversational voice flows throughout, making it easy to continue listening and, of course, learning. Thanks!

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