What Makes a Successful Day?

I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday. Last night I was thinking about holidays, the end of fun days, and healthy living.

I asked myself, “What makes a successful day when it comes to weight loss and healthy living?” 

When I was trying Weight Watchers, a successful day was eating the amount/type of food the plan prescribed. That was a success. When I was doing the cottage cheese diet (for about 2 days) success was choking down the recommended foods. When I was trying a diet I found in a magazine, a successful day was not cheating too badly.

My concept of a successful weight loss day was all about food.

The measure of success expanded considerably as I lost weight the final time using my Fit to the Finish plan.

Instead of measuring success just by food, I measured success in a variety of ways. I thought I’d show you what my day looked like yesterday and tell you why it was a success.

First, I went for a walk and I was about halfway through when my littlest guy came out to keep me company. He thought it was great fun to ride his scooter on the driveway while I walked behind him.

scooter with mom

Next, we hung our flag that we’ve had for about seven years. No, we didn’t hang it in the kitchen, but found a suitable tree!

Hanging the American flag

Those two things already made the day a success and it wasn’t even 9:00 am!

After the American flag got hung up outside, I made an American flag cake using a recipe my mom used to make. No to cake mix, but yes to whole, real ingredients.

American flag patriotic cake

Success for me was not tasting the icing, not tasting the batter, and only tasting the fruit!

We then had a four hour Lego Color War contest where we divided up some of our Legos into colors and the family + one worked either alone or in pairs to build fabulous castles. We then voted on the winner.

Lego Castle Wars

At the end of the day we watched some fireworks and put the little boys to bed.

Fireworks Fourth of July

That’s a successful weight loss/weight maintenance day to me. I worked out, I got some things done around the house, I spent time with my family, I prepared a healthy meal and a special dessert, and I did not put all the focus on food.

If you are tempted to think about a successful weight loss day just in terms of food, I’d encourage you to really transition from thinking about success only by the food you chose. Instead expand your definition to include the whole day and all your activities.

Because remember – balance is important. If you get so focused on just food or just exercise, then you may get burned out on trying to lose weight or may have a harder time managing your food choices when it is time for maintenance.

How do you define a successful day? Diane

4 thoughts on “What Makes a Successful Day?

  1. Kyra says:

    For me, a successful day involves many things. I just want to hit many of my goals, which are things like: get my workout in, get some of my work or projects done, laundry (because my family makes more laundry than an entire college fraternity), etc. Food DOES figure into it for me, because if I don’t do well with it I feel bad about myself and I tend not to sleep well or feel as good.

    However, if my day revolves around my dietary intake and my workouts, THAT feels like a failure too – no matter how well I did. If that was my day, I didn’t do enough living. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love the sound of your day! You also gave me a lot to think about as far as further down the road and maintaining this pace long term. 🙂

  3. Irina @ I ❤ 2 Eat says:

    Happy 4th of July, Diane! Lately, success for me has been similar to how you write about it: on the 4th, we rented some bikes, and after 10 years of not riding a bike, which I learned how to ride 10 years ago (!), I made a little progress on it. Although I was really embarrassed at being so old and learning how to ride a bike for the second time as an adult, I think the fun I had was success. Also, walked a ton that day, and despite not going to the gym, I felt as though I had a successful workout. Glad to see you had a successful 4th! Success is also being back on the blog scene again after a really busy couple of months…haha.

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