002: Fit to the Finish Podcast: The Visible and the Invisible Wounds

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In this second episode of my Fit to the Finish podcast I tackle the issue of the visible and the invisible issues of weight loss.

At first glance there seems to be only visible issues with weight problems doesn’t there? After all,  every person who looked at me when I was 305 pounds could see that I was overweight. I saw myself in the mirror every single day and felt frustrated with how I looked. My friends could see that I struggled walking, had a difficult time navigating stairs, and spent a lot more time alone than I had went I was not morbidly obese. I felt the pounds every time I tried to sit in a too-small chair or fasten my seat belt. Those were visible issues.

The invisible issues with weight loss are those that are hidden from public view. Those are the wounds that make many people who are obese suffer in silence like I did.

I hope you enjoy the 2nd episode of my podcast.


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6 thoughts on “002: Fit to the Finish Podcast: The Visible and the Invisible Wounds

  1. Karla says:

    Yes those invisible wounds are what keep me going. I could so relate to your comment about your husband offering to buy you clothes, I would always decline… I was going to lose weight… I HATED buying clothes, I would not even try them on, if I thought they would fit I would buy them. Target, Walmart, Kmart were my fashion stops…

    I am never going back to that!!!!

  2. Marc says:

    I like your intro and exit music. After being overweight for a few years in my 50’s I had convinced myself that I couldn’t lose the weight. That people over 50 had slower metabolisms and that this was who I am now. Fat man with a slower metabolism, less energy for life, physical activity, etc., etc. I needed to accept the fact that I would never be slim again. I gave away my slim clothes to my teenage grandsons. Some suits and dress shirts in their sizes. I thought I was content in 3XL t-shirts and big man’s cargo shorts. Then one day I got this crazy notion that I could turn it all around. That I could become lean again. People close to me would just shake their heads as in poor, foolish Marc. He is setting himself up for failure…again. It was a struggle at first with a little progress followed by a little gain.

    But honestly…it was reading your blog as well as others of people who had successfully lost the weight, despite incredible odds, that put the fire in my belly that told me I too, could make this happen for me. So thank you Diane for being a leader that helped lead me out of the wilderness of obesity and into the land of strength and health.

  3. Janette Emerson says:

    Hi Dianne! I love these topics. This podcast is really great. I would like to hear the second episode.

  4. E. Jane says:

    Such a good podcast. Everything you say rings true. I hear that you understand the issues that go along with obesity. Living with obesity is probably the most difficult thing I have every done. The shame just compounds the difficulty, and the worry about the years that may have been wasted wreak havoc with an obese person’s emotional health. Your approach to helping overweight folks find their way out of this misery is solid, honest, and compassionate. Thank you.

  5. Fiona says:

    Really enjoying the podcasts Diane, really appreciate you taking the time to do them and sharing some great tips 🙂

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