Loving Your Kids Enough to Say No

I love this little guy with all my heart. He’s my sixth child and super sweet. Of course, I also love all six of my other children as well!

There were times in my 10-year struggle with obesity that I said “Yes,” to foods I should have said “No,” to simply because wanted those foods. And my three kids got to eat a lot of foods I would never feed them now.

Loving Enough to Say No: End Childhood ObesityAs I lost 150 pounds and had four more children, I realized that part of being a caring parent was loving my kids enough to utter that two-letter word kids hate to hear and parents do not like to say.

I’m over at the Attune Foods blog today sharing my thoughts on the importance of loving your kids enough to say no and giving you some ideas on how to keep yourself and your kids at a healthy weight. I hope you will join me over there. Comments are closed here but open over at the Attune blogDiane

Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Attune Foods and all opinions expressed are my own.