What is the Most Important Word in Weight Loss?

There are a lot of words associated with weight loss aren’t there? Exercise, eating right, denial, self-control, consistency, willpower, calories, water, fitness, determination, starting over, and planning are just a few.

When I sat down to write this post for Attune Foods, I realized that for me, one of these words trumped most of the others when it came to weight loss and even weight maintenance.

Most Important Word in Weight Loss

In the post over at Attune I talk about that word and how it made a tremendous difference in my efforts to lose 150 pounds and keep it off all these years.

I’d be honored if you’d join me over at the Attune Foods blog to read the post and let me know what your most important word in weight loss is.   Diane

Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Attune Foods, love their products, and all opinions expressed in the post are mine.