Happy Thanksgiving and Don’t Stress Too Much!

wooden turkey

I hope all of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving! We are with some family today and by the time you read this I am sure that the turkeys will be cooking and the mashed sweet potato casserole will not.

That’s one of those dishes I’ve never liked.

Here is the sweet potato recipe I make in place of the traditional sweet potato casserole. It is John’s grandmother’s recipe minus the marshmallows.

Healthy Sweet Potatos

In addition to this casserole we have the usual food minus the green bean casserole. I hate that stuff. Apparently I’m not alone because we had this discussion on Facebook the other day and there were several other people who felt the same way.

I don’t stress to much about the Thanksgiving meal other than the cooking the turkey part! Cooking a turkey has always been a pain for me but I’ve gotten better at it during the last couple of years. I tried brining it one time, which took forever and I couldn’t tell much of a difference. Now I just bake it and baste it in its own juices. Much less stress and awfully tasty.

I hope you too are not stressing about Thanksgiving. If you eat a bit more than you planned, get right back on your plan tomorrow and move forward. That’s what this journey is all about. It is about day-after-day choices over time. For me, that’s been years.

I haven’t been perfect for 15 years of weight maintenance. There have been many times I ate foods I regretted but those are a one time events and not a lifestyle. My lifestyle is that of healthy living. That’s what makes the difference.

Best wishes this Thanksgiving and beyond! Diane

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  1. Hope K says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been making gingerbread men with my son (I ate one! It was yummy). Going to eat with my parents, so I don’t have to worry to much about the dinner, since my mom will be cooking. Looking forward to the feast!

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