What Gains Do You Get When Losing Weight?

I am generally a positive person. But when it came to losing weight, I was the very definition of a negative Nellie.

Sometimes I think back to that time in my life and wonder why I always tended to focus on all the things I was giving up when I tried to diet? I would complain to anyone who would listen about the fact that my current diet didn’t allow me to eat chocolate  or chips. I would show them my little notebook full of forbidden food lists. Or, if I was dieting on my own, I’d talk about how good I had done by saying “no” to the bowl full of Hershey candy eggs at the Easter party.

Abundance of Candy

All I could focus on was what food I thought I could never have again. 

Backward Clock

I had it 100% backwards. Instead of focusing on what I perceived as missing – I should have been focusing on all the things I would gain when I was at a healthier weight.

But through 10 years of dieting, I focused on the losses.

Until. . .

The time that I actually succeeded at losing weight. One of the key differences was the fact that I focused on all the things I was gaining as I was losing weight.

6 Gains from Losing

Increased Self-Respect – I started respecting and caring for my body more than I had in years. I began to reconnect with the fact that I was worthy of the work it took to lose weight.

Control Over My Choices – During my 10 year struggle with obesity I often felt out of control when it came to food. Watching my diet helped me realize that I could be in control of what I put in my mouth and not be a slave to my emotions. (This took a lot of effort but was totally worth it.)

Better Wardrobe – Not very philosophical, but practical. I got to ditch the oversized jumpers and wear clothes that fit and flattered my body.

More Energy – I spent a lot of time on the couch when I was overweight because it was tiring to move. It was great to be more active and have more energy to live life.

Improved Health – My blood pressure decreased, my cholesterol levels improved, I was less winded, and know I did all kinds of good things for my health by losing 150 pounds.

Self-Confidence – My self confidence plummeted when I gained weight. I felt like I lost myself. As I lost weight I gained back some of my old self-confidence that had been buried under layers of fat.

As you travel your own journey – I wonder if you ever tend to focus on all the things you have given up and lose sight of the wonderful benefits to being healthier and more fit? If you do, I’d encourage you to sit down when you have a minute and make a written list of all the wonderful things you are gaining or want to gain on your journey.

Do you ever focus on the perceived losses or do you keep your eye on the gains?  Diane