Why Summer Weight Loss Is a Good Thing

I used to hate the summers.

At 305 pounds, I was always hot in the summer, especially since I absolutely refused to wear shorts because of my large legs. I know it seems harsh to say that, but that was honestly how I felt. In fact, this picture is the very last time I wore shorts. I saw this picture and decided that I needed to eat some chocolate and burn those shorts at the same time.

When I first started losing weight successfully it was almost summer. It was in Florida. I was very obese. Did I mention that it was hot?

Honestly, the thought crossed my mind to just wait until the weather cooled down to try and lose weight. I really gave it some thought because for once in my life, I was going to commit to an exercise program and I was worried about exercising in the hot Florida sun. I needn’t have worried.

It turns out that losing weight in the summer was a good thing. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables helped me keep my mind off heavy chocolate cake and double chocolate cookies. Well, it didn’t keep my mind off chocolate completely, but it helped.

As you are in the midst of this summer season, I’d encourage you to think about all the positive things about trying to lose weight in the summer.

1. You weigh less because the clothes are lighter.  Really. 🙂

2. The days are longer which means that you can exercise later in the evening without worrying about trying to fit in a workout before dark.

3. You can swim outdoors for exercise if you’d like.

4. The fresh foods available make it easy to make gorgeous green salads, healthy fruit salads, and wonderful vegetable dishes.

5. Choose an inspiration outfit that is a size smaller than you are now as a way to motivate yourself.

6. If you focus on toning your arms and upper body, you will feel confident when wearing lighter weight tops.

7. Although I still don’t like putting on a bathing suit, by the end of that summer of my weight loss, I did put on a bathing suit around the family.

So to answer my own question, I do not think it is harder to lose weight in the summer. For me, it was a great summer of weight loss that kept me going until I finally reached my healthy weight. Not the 4th of July, my summer birthday, or family vacations held me back during that summer of 1997 and they still do not.

Remember that the steps you take this summer to help you lose weight will transform you into a more fit, healthy person next summer.

Do you let the seasons influence your weight loss efforts? How do you stay strong? Diane

5 thoughts on “Why Summer Weight Loss Is a Good Thing

  1. Kathy says:

    I agree 100%! I started my weight loss journey in March of 2014 and by June I actually thought about giving up because of the hot weather. Since walking is my main form of exercise, I was worried about the humid weather and feeling sticky, miserable and drained. But I’d already made up my mind that this time would be different – NO GIVING UP ON MYSELF! I work 9-5 and by the time I get home the thought of walking 2-3 miles in 90 degree weather just exhausted me more. I decided to fight back/outsmart the weather and change my routine, and commit to just a mile and a half in the morning while it was still relatively cool, and complete the other mile and a half after work. Well, that was really the golden key; as I got fitter, my morning walks got faster (so that I could still make it in time for work), I realized I was fast enough to get ALL 3 miles done in the morning. I was so proud of myself. I would feel so accomplished after those 3 miles that while at work I stuck to eating the lunch I’d prepped with no regrets on missing lunch with co-workers.
    If it was too hot when I got home from work I gave myself permission to do a simple weight workout in the house – in the cool. But most days, the heat was tolerable and I’d get another 2 miles in sometimes, bringing my daily miles to a whopping 5 miles. By then I was hooked on the number 5, and no matter what I was determined to get those 5 miles in like I was the postman – rain, shine, sleet, or snow! I was like a walking warrior. I started at 217lbs on a 5’3 frame and now I weigh 174lbs. Yes, I’ve taken weeks off here and there and I’m closer to my 160 goal, but I’m so happy I started. Diane, I love this article and thank you for sharing. I hope no else lets the weather deter them either, just be your own warrior….you can battle the weather with the best of them. Wishing success to everyone who reads this truly wonderful blog.

  2. Mandy Cat says:

    Losing (or maintaining) weight in the summer seems easier to me because cold weather makes me want
    comfort food: stews, pasta, chili, creamy casseroles and so on. When it’s hot outside (and the heat index here in Northwest Florida has been running 100-plus for what seems like forever) it’s lighter fare that appeals. All I want for breakfast right now is yogurt and fresh fruit. All I crave at night is a salad. Turning on the stove is a chore. I’m only six pounds away from my best weight (a series of injuries = 14 pounds gained) and I’m very glad the hot weather is helping me out. I have a rowing machine and a library of workout tapes to keep active inside and that helps out, too.

  3. Annie says:

    The seasons affect my exercise. I am much more comfortable exercising when the weather is cooler, I can walk outside as opposed to on the dreaded treadmill. I can’t wait until it cools off enough to be able to walk outside again. I live in Las Vegas so it can get upwards of 105 even 110 degrees during the day! Yikes!! – Annie @ plussizetodownsized.blogspot.com

  4. Maria says:

    I would have to agree, I think summer is the best time to focus on being healthy. If you think about it, the weather can help in so many ways. You don’t feel the urge to ‘nest’ like you do during the holiday seasons or when it’s cold. I love to be outside this time of year and there’s so much more to do.

    I lived in Florida too and with it being summer practically all year round, I believe it was easier. Now being back north, I can see how those old patterns of comfort food and staying indoors can easily creep back in but there are enough nice days even during winter where I can find things to do that don’t involve overeating or staying indoors.

    Thanks for the post Diane.

  5. Lindsay Taylor says:

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