How to Keep Going When Your Diet Gets Hard

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Weight loss is not always an easy journey is it?

There are times in your journey that everything seems to be clicking into place but there are also times where things get hard.

For all the people I have spoken to over the years concerning their weight loss journey, I have never met a single person who has lost weight without going through some difficult times.

An interesting point to think about is that the amount of weight a person needs to lose does not seem to dictate how hard or easy the journey is. There are always challenges.

Personally, I had a lot of struggles during the 14 months it took me to lose 158 pounds and those struggles were always knocking at my door threatening to derail my best intentions.

Here were some of the difficulties I struggled with.

♦ Emotional issues such as eating when stressed, bored, or upset

♦ Periods when I felt like skipping my exercise routine.

♦ Feeling out of place when I was the only person not pigging out at a buffet or party.

♦ The inevitable burnout that comes after being “good” day-after-day.

♦ Frustration over perceived expectations from other people

♦ Complacency and boredom with the whole process.

Quite frankly there were several times during the 14 months that it took me to lose my weight where I just wanted to say, “That’s it. I can’t do this anymore.” But I never gave up and am so glad that I persevered and got to a healthy weight.

I remember one time in particular where I came face to face with one of those difficult times that made me wonder if all the effort was worth it.

John and I were at one of those southern functions that were full of more desserts and high calorie foods than there were people. You know those functions don’t you?

Holiday Food Table

Tables laden with cakes, cookies, pies, appetizers, and brownies sit in the middle of the room while the people at the party hang around the tables taking one bite of this and a few pieces of that.

On that particular summer evening, I was about midway through my weight loss efforts, meaning I had lost about 75 pounds. Even though I did not completely avoid desserts as I was losing weight, I was very picky about the desserts that I did eat.  They had to be excellent or I passed them by.

On this evening, the dessert laden tables held no desserts that were worthy of my calories. So I stood around talking to people, watching them eat, and feeling a tad bit sorry for myself.

After we got home that night I thought about how I felt watching other people eat dessert and had a light bulb moment. I realized that although I was a bit annoyed that I could not find anything I really wanted, it was also a real victory for me because I did not just eat a dessert because it was sitting there on the table.

I made a conscious choice to say “no,” stuck with that hard decision, and ended up feeling in control and proud of myself. A win-win for sure.

When you experience difficult times during your own weight loss journey, I’d encourage you to look back on all your successes. Even though that church social was hard at the time, it was still a victory I never forgot.

Remember all the little victories you have had over the course of your weight loss experience. And remember that you are worth every effort it takes to get healthy – no matter how hard it is.

Question: How do you keep going with your weight loss efforts when you begin to feel that the process it just too hard? Diane

4 thoughts on “How to Keep Going When Your Diet Gets Hard

  1. Mandy Cat says:

    We attended a neighborhood function yesterday evening, a pot luck style event that did indeed have about twice as much food as guests. It was a giant mishmash of appetizers, finger food and desserts. Especially desserts; there must have been 20 different holiday gooey things on display. Luckily, that much food, in that presentation, makes me slightly queasy and in any event I ate a complete high protein meal beforehand.

    I had nothing but a diet drink and guess what? Not a soul noticed or cared. Well, except for one or two guests who wiped the whipped cream off their face long enough to complain that everything was so rich and fattening. When there’s a crowd, if anyone does notice that you’re not eating their only comment will usually be something along the same lines, more a personal apology than a criticism of you.

    Do what’s right for you and use your free mouth time to chat and laugh.

  2. Katie Cross says:

    I was JUST thinking today about how I was getting kind of burned out. I’m a first time mama that’s exclusively breastfeeding my babe, so I’m kind of paranoid about “dieting” so to speak, so I’m trying to avoid sugar and bread and carbs and all the good stuff. But eating veggies all the time—while delicious!—is exhausting when I just really want a brownie 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder that the rough times come, and go, and I’ll be glad if I stayed strong!

  3. Lori says:

    Your story about that party blows me away. As much as I want to lose weight it would be really hard not to have something (even one little thing) from that table. I can do it sometimes but to stick with over time, I just have not been able to do it. Lots of times I feel cheated and eat because I feel cheated. Even though intellectually I know it is actually a reward not to eat that crap. That really in the end it would be the best gift I could give myself. Way better than any dessert. I have so much respect and admiration for the devotion and ability you had to stick to your plan and reach your goals. My husband has done the same thing. I have failed at it. I always have. Even though I try and try, I hit a plateau, cant get beyond it and I fall again. To be real honest, I feel like I will die this way. Sadly.

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