Weight Loss Resolutions Needed or Not?

This may go against popular thought, but I’m not a big fan of weight loss resolutions for New Year’s.

New Year’s weight loss resolutions are not a bad thing, but like so many other “challenges,” you start off great but after a period of time you often begin to falter. Then you start to feel badly about yourself, starting feeling as though you can’t really make your resolution work, experience a loss of self-esteem, and have a hard time getting restarted.

Instead of making a formal weight loss resolution, I want to encourage you to do one thing.

Make your actions match your words. Every single day.

actions and words

No resolution required.

If your actions match your words when it comes to weight loss and fitness, you will be surprised what good things can happen.

You see, when I was 300 pounds my actions rarely matched my words when it came to weight loss.

I’d say that I wanted to lose 150 pounds, but instead of eating right, I found myself eating junk food by the end of the day or the end of the week. 

I’d say that I wanted to be more fit, but I didn’t take the first walk. 

I’d say that I wanted to eat healthier, but I didn’t make an effort to try new recipes or learn to cook. 

If my actions had matched my words I might not have been morbidly obese for 10 years. I might have lost weight after my pregnancy with my first daughter but I didn’t. Instead I said one thing and did the other.

Why did I do that? Well, for me, emotions had a lot to do with it. A lack of belief in myself had a lot to do with it. And most importantly, a lack of matching my actions to my words had a lot to do with it.

It’s not always easy to make your actions match your words, but it’s a great question to ask yourself every single night before you go to bed.

Did my actions match my words today? 

If they did – awesome!

If they didn’t – then make the next day better. The more good days you have when it comes to your weight loss (and other areas of your life) the more likely you will have success.

It worked for me. I did not always have a great day but by asking myself this question each night I gave myself a chance to evaluate what went well and what didn’t. That’s what this weight loss journey is about.

Making your actions match your words.

How about you? Can making your actions match your words make a difference for you like it did for me? Diane

One thought on “Weight Loss Resolutions Needed or Not?

  1. Nancy B. Kennedy says:

    You’re absolutely right that actions are what really count. I have never been a fan of resolutions, goals or challenges, for the reasons you give. When I succeeded at weight loss, it was because I decided NOT to set a goal. I simply decided I would do what I knew to be right, and if weight loss followed, great. If not, well, I would just keep at it and see what happens. Of course, when you eat healthy foods and exercise, you tend to lose weight! The one thing I did find to be helpful about matching words and actions was to make the words specific. Instead of “I will eat healthy foods,” I would say, “I will fill half my dinner plate with salad.” Instead of, “I will exercise more,” I said, “I will swim laps for a half an hour today.” The more specific you can be, and the more closely you align your words and actions with your proclivities, the better your chance of success.

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