Weight Loss Going Thunk? Here’s How to Get It Bouncing Along Again

Does your weight loss look like this?

If it does, don’t worry. You can change it from thunk to bouncing right along.


I know it seems difficult to get back on track after your weight loss has gone thunk. Or died completely.

My weight loss efforts went thunk hundreds of times. Literally hundreds. It didn’t matter how committed I was in the beginning, I inevitably failed at losing weight.

Until I didn’t.

The beauty of life is that we have often multiple chances to get things right. It’s true in:

♦ Finances

♦ Relationships

♦ Weight Loss

♦ Education

♦ Weight Loss

Some things you only get one chance at and hopefully you get it right, but with weight loss, you can keep trying. And I encourage you to never give up on yourself.

Trees with sunlight copy

So, if your weight loss has taken a nosedive and you feel as though you are at rock bottom again, how can you get back on track?

I recommend using a three-pronged approach. The great thing about this approach is it is reusable. If you get started again and falter after a few weeks, go back to step one and try again.


Ask yourself if you really want to lose weight. Really. Want. To. 

It’s okay to not be in a place where you really want to lose weight. It’s not ideal to be overweight, but if your heart isn’t in it, then you are going to have a difficult time losing weight.

If you do really want to lose weight, then you have to get recommitted to the weight loss process.

Post It

Use post it notes to remind yourself that you are dieting, write down some positive affirmations that will keep your self-esteem and motivation high, and tell someone close to you that you are newly committed to losing weight.


Get Yourself Organized. 

It’s hard to get anything done without a plan. Think about it. If you are at work and trying to complete a project, do you just randomly add pieces to the project, or do you decide what needs to be done and have an action plan to complete the project successfully?

If you want to keep your job, you probably have a plan!

It’s the same thing with weight loss. You’ve got to have some plan and some form of organization to move forward in a logical manner.

One of the worst things you can do is bounce from diet to diet every few days, not really know how many calories you need, and have no idea what your daily meal structure should look like.

To help you out, here are some links to resources you might find helpful some of which are fully compatible with your smartphone.

Lady with Smartphone

MyFitnessPal – great site for tracking food, exercise, and weight that you can use on your computer and smartphone/tablet.

Sparkpeople – terrific place for community engagement, tracking food, and exercise.

Why Meal Planning is Important – Article on meal planning

Articles I Have Written – here are some articles on weight loss that are different than ones I have on the blog.

Once you know what plan you will follow (and here’s the one I used found in my book), what exercise will look like, and have some way to keep track of everything, just get restarted.


The third step is to quit thinking about losing weight and just do it.

If you are really tired of your weight loss thunking to a stop, then you have got to take the steps needed to lose weight. They are pretty simple if you think about it but harder to put into practice.

Here are the top 10 things I tell people to do to get started on day one.

  1. Have your plan cemented in your mind.
  2. Set up an accountability system and check in with it (or them).
  3. Start the day off with reminding yourself you are on a diet. (This seems self explanatory but I often needed to remind myself so I didn’t justify cheating.)
  4. Schedule your exercise and do it.
  5. Eat the meals you planned
  6. Limit snacking to one snack a day if possible
  7. Watch your portions at every single meal (except veggies – they are pretty much free)
  8. Gradually cut out junk foods and high calorie drinks (unless you can go cold turkey and then just do it.)
  9. Don’t give up if you mess up. (Everyone messes up. The ones who succeed at weight loss aren’t the ones who never mess up but the ones who don’t give up.)
  10. Think long-term. Think sustainability. If you can’t follow your diet on day one can you see yourself following it into maintenance?

I hope that this helps you get your weight loss going in a positive direction. I believe you can do it even if this is the 50th time you’ve tried to lose weight. Do you think you can? Diane

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Going Thunk? Here’s How to Get It Bouncing Along Again

  1. Martha G says:

    All good advice. One thing that worked for me that you didn’t mention is to start small. Don’t tackle everything at once. For me I focused on choosing to eat healthy most of the time, tracking my food and staying at a reasonable calorie level. I wanted to move more, but didn’t start a real exercise plan for about 6 months although I did find opportunities to walk more every day.
    I finally realized that I couldn’t’ just go on a diet; I had to make this a lifestyle that I could live with forever. Making small sustainable changes has helped me to get them to stick.

    I have lost 80 lbs and kept it off – been at or under my goal for almost 3 years. Totally different way of eating and exercise is now a non negotiable and enjoyable part of every day!

  2. Julie @ HappinessSavouredHot says:

    My strategies, when tackling something big like this, are to take baby steps, to tolerate imperfection, AND to be willing to make sacrifices/get out of my comfort zone. For example, I run in freezing temperatures at 530 in the morning, because I know it’s worth it, but if I have a bad run one day, I don’t stress over it.

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