20 Ways to Make Weight Loss Fun!

fun in weight loss

There are a lot of serious articles about weight loss and with good reason. Almost 70 percent of Americans need to lose weight and many children suffer from obesity. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 30 percent of the world’s population is overweight or obese.

That’s serious stuff. However, instead of focusing just on the seriousness of being overweight, I wanted to remind you that although losing weight takes work, commitment, dedication, and perserverance, there is some fun to be had during the process. As I was writing this post last night I thought to myself, “Why not write a post about keeping the fun in weight loss” 

So here it goes.

20 Ways to Make Weight Loss More Fun!

1. Think of weight loss as a game. The more you lose the better you are doing. In fact, there are some people who participate in weight loss games such as DietBet or something similar.

2. Remember that losing weight means saying goodbye to ugly clothes. And if you are like I was, you have had your fill of clothes that you do not love.

3.  Think of exercise like a child thinks of running around the house. It’s just fun to get your heart pumping and feel your muscles moving.

4. Reward yourself regularly – just not with food.

5. Join a weight loss challenge in your community or at work. Losing weight with friends helps the “fun” factor.

6. Open up the Hand Clapper App and give yourself some applause every time you lose a pound.

7. Don’t think of weight loss as work. Think of it as a special event in your life. If you do it right, you never have to do it again.

8. Try new foods – just don’t mistake steel cut oats for quinoa like I did one time.

9. Go on a shopping trip where you just try on clothes to see how close you are to fitting into the next size down.

10. Keep track of your measurements using a tape measure or a belt. It was great fun for me to not have to use a string to make the tape measure meet around my hips and notice how I kept having to move my belt buckle over a notch until it was too big.

11. Make a video of yourself along the way so you can have an inspirational video like I do. You can make it as serious or as funny as you’d like.

12. Learn new skills. I learned how to knit, scrapbook, and rediscovered my joy of reading when I was losing weight. Those things were more productive and healthier for me than scarfing down ice cream at 2:30 in the afternoon.

13. Take a break now and then – not from healthy eating but from obsessing over your weight.

14. Take selfies regularly. You will be glad you have pictures (like mine) of losing weight.

15. Revel in discovering previously covered body parts such as knee bones, collar bones, and even smaller ring fingers.

16. Rejoice in the small changes you make. Not just in how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside.

17. Discover the joy of greeting each day knowing that THIS is the day you can make a difference.

18. Make a Goodwill run and donate all your too-big clothing. While you are there, look for some tide-you-over clothing that fits.

19. Share the new knowledge you have gained about living a healthier lifestyle with your friends and family. The joy you will have from seeing others make positive changes is hard to describe.

20. Make every day count. Don’t let the day go by without telling someone you love them.

Do you ever forget that losing weight the healthy way can be fun? Don’t make it all drudgery! Diane

One thought on “20 Ways to Make Weight Loss Fun!

  1. mandy cat says:

    Since going low carb/high protein (and discovering how much happier my innards are without grains) I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.

    I have always enjoyed cooking and I was worried that my new eating style was going to stifle my creativity. Actually, it’s the exact opposite; coming up with meals that both I and my husband enjoy has demanded a fair amount of creativity. Thanks, Pinterest; you’ve been a pal!

    Course, you gotta like cooking to start with for this to happen.

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