Here are some articles I’ve written dealing with various aspects of being overweight, some are funny, some are sad!

Pregnancy and Weight (7/26/09) – My thoughts on pregnancy and weight gain

Why Keep Trying? (new) – Why bother trying to lose weight again? 

Why We Run to Food (new) – Why do we run to food when food causes us pain? 

Managing the Mid-Afternoon Munchies (new) – how to get through the hard afternoon hours.

3 Stumbling Blocks to Weight Loss (new) – self explanatory title!

Diet Industry Downfalls – Why I think the diet industry needs to be treated with caution.

Fat Burning Foods   – Are there really foods that help you lose weight?

Miss Sea World – this chronicles my experience at Sea World once I had lost 110 pounds. (I’ve got to find this one – I lost it when I switched over!)

 Fat is Not Fabulous – I think that most women would rather jump off a cliff than get on a scale at the doctor’s office.  Even when I was a normal size and weight . . .

Exercise is Essential – We all know it.  Most of us hate it.  A lot of of us avoid it.  The truth of the matter is that exercise is essential. 

Maintenance is a Must – Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ve lost 100 pounds.”  When you are impressed with that large number, they laughingly say, “Well, I’ve lost ten pounds here, gained it back…

Portions for Real People – Americans are super sized kind of people.  Two-thirds of us are medically overweight. Our portions. . .

Funny Fat Stories

Grocery Shopping – There was a time in my life when my weight was in the 300 pound range and I had given up.  My shopping habits were. . .

Why I Did Not Have Gastric Bypass Surgery  – This explains why I did not have surgery, and let’s you know how I feel about it.

The Diet Industry Isn’t Your Friend – What the diet industry doesn’t tell you.

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