3 Stumbling Blocks to Weight Loss

My highest weight was 305 pounds. I was unhealthy, unfit and looked it. For 10 years I struggled with obesity until I finally reached the point where I knew something had to change. I had tried over and over to get started losing weight, but something always seemed to get in the way.

Finally, after becoming frightened I could end up housebound, severely ill or dead, I got serious about my weight and lost 150 pounds. I didn’t join a group, use any supplements, eat weird foods or have surgery. I’ve maintained the loss for thirteen years, through four more pregnancies.

Why is it hard for us to get started on a weight loss plan?

In examining the reasons, I thought about several stumbling blocks I allowed to stand in my way of getting off the couch and into the gym:

1. Change is Scary

Often times the thought of making a change can paralyze us into inaction. Food is near and dear to many of us. The realization that to make a positive change in our lifestyle it will require a change in our food habits, this can be so frightening we can’t even try. If we use food as a comfort, then changing our source of comfort is understandably stressful.

To combat this stumbling block we need to reorient our way of thinking. Rather than assuming that change is always bad, I’d encourage you to think of the times in your life when change was good. For example, if you’ve made a job change in the past, your initial reaction may have been apprehension, but over the long term you can look back and realize the job change had a positive impact on your life.

Try thinking of changing your food habits in the same way. Initially, changing how you eat can be hard, but thinking long term may help you see the benefits of getting started.

2. Timing

It seems there is never a good time to start a weight loss program. For me, I would blame any available holiday or activity. If a birthday were coming up, then it probably wasn’t a good time to start. Well, Christmas was only six weeks away, so I’ll just wait until after the New Year to begin getting healthy. Unfortunately, holidays, birthdays and celebrations keep rolling around on the calendar, so if you use this stumbling block you will never get started!

When I finally succeeded at losing weight, I acknowledged to myself there really never had been a perfect time to lose weight. After all, we don’t just gain weight between holidays, so we can’t just lose weight between holidays! To get over this hurdle, you need to learn how to make wise choices all of the time, not just in between celebrations!

Remember, as you lose weight and reach your goal, if you didn’t permanently change your lifestyle then you will have problems maintaining your weight loss.

3. Expense

Some weight loss programs advertise low fees to get you in the door, but once you are there you realize the advertised fee was just the tip of the iceberg. This is a valid stumbling block, but one that is easily overcome by choosing a low cost, or free program.

There are many great weight loss websites now that offer large communities who support and encourage each other. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to lose weight, so don’t allow that excuse to stop you from getting started.

I would encourage you to examine your personal reasons for not starting on your journey to better health today. If you don’t take the first step you will never get anywhere. Remember, weight loss in any amount is beneficial for you and your family.

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