Diet Companies Aren’t Your Friend

It’s no wonder everyone wants you to lose weight. They all want a piece of the $40 billion dollars Americans spend each year on diet programs, food and books. Dieting is big business and corporate America knows it. With little regulation and very little oversight, ad claims can be outrageous. You walk nervously into the diet center to be told, “Of course you can lose all the weight you want for $20.00 mam’n. Oh, didn’t I mention that the food costs about $400 a month? So sorry for that oversight. It wasn’t intentional at all.”

This scenario happens all too frequently. People desperate to lose weight, improve their appearance and get healthy spend more money than they have on the elusive perfect diet plan. The dieting industry isn’t solely to blame. After all, they aren’t forcing any of us to spend astronomical amounts of money with them. We do so freely and voluntarily.

Diets don’t work. I know, I have a diet plan I’d like you to try, but I’m trying to encourage you to not diet temporarily, but to change your lifestyle permanently. When you join a program and pay a lot of money, you feel obligated to at least give it a shot. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will lose some weight on a program. Unfortunately, if you are like 98% of other dieters, you will regain your weight with a few years.

The diet industry doesn’t share this little fact with you when you walk in their doors. Flashy lifesize posters of celebrities and success stories inspire you to spend money. The salesperson doesn’t give you the grim, long term statistcs for their program. No, they give you the page of glowing testimonials from other people who have supposedly lost weight by spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They don’t show you what those people look like 5 years later.

Kristie Alley is a great example of this. She publicly lost 83 pounds on Jenny Craig, but after her contract ended, she gained it all back. See for the story. She went right back to her old eating habits after she no longer had someone looking over her shoulder. I was sad for her, because I have been there so many times myself.

If diets don’t work then why even try? Because the time you try may be the time that finally does work for you. Diets don’t work long-term because they are temporary in nature. Either the expensive program ends or the money runs out. Then you are left on your own. One thing that is different about my Fit to the Finish plan is that it’s not temporary. The tools you use are ones that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life. That’s how I lost 150 pounds and have kept it off for thirteen years.

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