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The other morning when I turned on my computer to update my Fit to the Finish Blog, my FoxNews homepage came up, and under the health section they had a photo essay that detailed 10 Foods That Burn Fat Fast.

The 10 foods listed were:

lean meat

I examined the list and realized that when I lost my 150 pounds I utilized all the foods on that list, without even realizing the benefits of them. I think it can be like that a lot of times, we intuitively know what to do, either by talking with other people, or reading about a topic.

For snack time, I would often eat almonds (just a few though) with a big glass of water or unsweetened tea. Almonds filled me up and gave me the satisfying sensation of crunching on my food, rather than just slurping down a yogurt. Apples were also a favorite of mine, and still are. The Fox News article talked about how studies have shown people who eat an apple before a meal eat less calories than people who don’t.

The celery and lettuce are no brainers for fat loss, as they are practically free of calories. Grapefruit is great for breakfast, and really fills you up. Eggs are good, although a bit higher in fat than I recommend. The high quality protein and low total calories make up for the higher fat percentage. I eat eggs regularly, although if you suffer from high cholesterol, you may want to check with your doctor.

Milk, lean meat and water round out the list. To be honest, I’m not a milk drinker, so I have to add yogurt and a good calcium supplement. By choice, I only eat chicken without the skin, so the lean meat was covered while I was losing weight as well.

Water is vital to our health, and can be an aid to weight loss too. I recommend at least eight glasses of water a day, more if you are exercising. I have two big mugs that I fill with water every morning and make sure to sip on them throughout the day. By the way, drinking cold water actually burns a few calories! That’s a plus!

While contemplating what to eat while changing your lifestyle, I would encourage you to incorporate fat burning foods into your daily meal plan. By making healthy, filling choices you can increase your chances of long term success.

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