Diane Carbonell, author of 150 Pounds Gone Forever, is fast becoming a nationally recognized weight loss success story.  Her uniqueness lies in the fact she lost 150 pounds and has kept the weight off for 14 years. Unlike some weight loss success stories who have not proven they will keep their weight off, the longevity of Diane’s success puts her among the 1 to 2 percent of people who lose weight and keep it off.  With her high energy, sense of humor, and ability to relate to a wide audience base, Diane passionately motivates all audiences to take action.

Diane runs her own popular blog, Fit to the Finish, which receives over 500,000 page views per year.  Diane is a brand ambassador for several companies, published author, speaker, and provides wellness coaching. She has worked with city utilities, universities, business professionals, stay-at-home moms, individuals interested in losing weight, and employee wellness groups.  Diane speaks whenever she can fit it into her schedule, and enjoys working with organizations of all sizes.

Diane has been featured on the Dr. Oz television show, the 700 Club, Shape magazine, Woman’s World magazine, several newspapers, and numerous radio interviews. MSN’s Fitbie website and Shape magazine’s website also featured Diane as one of the top weight-loss bloggers.

Before becoming an up-and-coming weight loss personality, Diane was an obese woman who weighed over 300 pounds. She finally tired of lugging around an extra 150 pounds on her 5’10” frame and determined to lose weight on her own. As a mom of three small children, Diane lost weight by eating healthy foods, watching portion sizes, and exercising faithfully. Diane now has seven wonderful children who range in age from 4 to 21. Her busy life includes playing chauffeur to her kids, cooking large quantities of food each day, writing, and doing load after load of laundry. Diane has learned to balance life’s demands while still finding time to stay committed to weight management.

Diane has a recipe arsenal that may rival that of a professional cook’s and is ready to share quick, easy-to-prepare recipes, healthy ways to prepare foods, and tempting yet healthy treats that will please children and adults. In her free time Diane enjoys reading, sewing, keeping up with friends, throwing the frisbee with her five sons, and shopping with her two daughters.

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