My Life

My Life

This video shows my journey from morbid obesity to fitness. Read more about my story in my book, 150 Pounds Gone Forever, available at Amazon and other online retailers.

Looking like this wasn’t fun. I was inspired to write my current book, 150 Pounds Gone Forever, after losing over 150 pounds and keeping it off for 16 years. These pictures were taken during the 10 years that I was obese. Since then I’ve been on national television where I got to meet Dr. Oz, was on the 700 Club, have been featured in magazines, interviewed on the radio, and appeared in several newspapers.

My life as an obese person caused me to feel depressed, eat almost uncontrollably, and wallow in self-pity every time I had to shop in the Plus Sized Departments or make my own clothes because I could no longer fit into standard sized misses or plus sized clothing. I lived life being afraid that I would not fit in chairs, may get stuck in restaurant booths, or have to listen to people make unkind comments when they assumed I was not listening.

After living as an obese woman for 10 years, I made up my mind to completely overhaul my life and drop the extra weight. When I outlined my own weight loss plan, which I call Fit to the Finish, I realized that this plan was not a temporary fix, but rather a way to permanently and positively change my life forever.

After 14 months, I lost all my weight and never looked back. Of course the struggle with weight never really ends, as staying at a healthy weight requires dedication, careful choices, and a continued commitment to exercise.

I love to share my story with anyone who will listen. Although I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, I do have real life experience with both obesity and extreme weight loss. The obesity portion of my life was not fun, but I can now see where that period of my life was a learning experience. It was also a time that I would rather not relive.

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