Beef & Seafood


English roast meat by fire with flames                                                                        salmon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

These recipes were given to me by friends and family. I have to admit that I don’t eat beef or seafood – not because I have anything against them, I just don’t care for them. If you have a great recipe for beef or seafood you’d like me to put up, as long as it’s low fat I’ll be happy to do it. Submit it at contact me and I’ll put it up for you.

Low Fat Beef Stroganoff – my friend got this from her friend who was a WW leader

Low Fat Beef Chimichangas  I’ve actually made these not with beef, as the recipe calls for, but with Morningstar Farm ground beef crumbles. They are wonderful, and you’d never guess they are low-fat!

Salmon and Asparagus – My friend Sam swears by this recipe for company. She does it in the oven, but I’ll bet you could grill it.

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