Low Fat Desserts

LOW FAT DESSERTSdessert                                                       cupcake                                                                                                                                                                   

Yes, it is possible to have dessert and lose weight too. I should know, because dessert is my favorite thing to eat. I frequently had dessert as I was in the process of losing my 150 pounds. I hope you know you don’t have to deprive yourself of a sweet treat, just don’t eat too much!

Lemon Bars – This classic dessert is lovely, but not the best choice for someone watching their weight.  Try this adaptation of lemon bars.

Carrot Cake – We all love carrot cake, but not the calories. Try this lower fat and lower calorie version.

Chocolate Cupcakes – Bite Sized – Teeny, tiny chocolate cupcakes are fun for everyone to eat. And since they’re so small, you can have two!

Banana Berry Smoothie – Smoothie recipes abound. This is one of my favorites.

Apple Crisp – We love apple crisp, particularly in the fall. This one reduces the calories on the topping which helps bring this dessert within the reach of everyone’s diet plans. (Pretty much!)

Better for You Chocolate Truffles – Not exactly low in calorie, but definitely better for you than other truffle recipes. Try these, and your guests will never know you are helping their waistlines.

Low Fat Strawberry Pie – My friend Molly made this for our small group one night. Besides the crust, the filling is fat free and delicious. When I ate it, I just ate a bit of the crust, and all of the filling.

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