Wraps & Such




We love wraps in our family! Anything beats the same old sandwich day after day – just ask my kids. I try to vary things a lot for them so they don’t get bored with eating the same food day after day. Hopefully you will try some of these easy, tasty recipes!

Brown Rice Veggie Wrap – This wrap is quick and easy to prepare if you use quick cooking brown rice.

Mexican Bean Wrap – Yum! If your family loves Mexican food as much as mine, you will be the hero when you serve this for a hearty lunch or a quick dinner.

Turkey Ham Wrap – By using low fat turkey and ham this recipe goes from fat to fabulous!

Veggie Hummus Wrap – Don’t be afraid of the title of this recipe! Hummus is a little strange looking, but super tasty and good for you.

Hummus Recipe – Here’s a low fat version of hummus that is healthier than many of the recipes you will find. There are many versions of hummus, so feel free to add spices, etc.

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