Diane Carbonell, a 150 pound loser, helps people from all walks of life understand the realities of obesity and offers hope through practical advice, realistic tips, and a healthy dose of humor. A gifted, polished professional speaker, Diane understands the problems of weight management more than most. She lived the obese life for over 10 years before losing her weight. Now, 14 years later, Diane has helped numerous people lose weight and gives them the tools to keep it off.

Diane brings her organizational skills and personal knowledge of obesity and weight lose and applies them to individuals and organizations who desire to improve their energy, health, fitness levels, and planning skills. She shares stories and teaches her audiences how to be the healthiest they can be whether they work full-time, stay home with small children, or run their own businesses. As a wellness coach and person motivated by a desire to help, Diane’s dynamic style and sense of humor help her audiences feel motivated to improve their own health and get on track with weight management

Diane’s client list includes city utilities, business people, universities, homemakers, sole proprietors, small business owners, and individuals.  Because of Diane’s business background, she can speak to busy professionals on their level, but still easily relate to the average woman raising children and running a household. After all, Diane is a mom to seven.


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Diane is a weight loss and health and wellness speaker and is happy to work with you to design a program for the unique needs of your organization, church or community group. She offers keynotes as well as full and half-day seminars.

150 Pounds Gone Forever

Learn that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Whether your goals are business related, fitness related, or weight loss related, Diane’s amazing story of transforming her life captivates audiences and inspires them to make positive, life-affirming changes.

Building a Better Business By Building a Healthier You

Learn how making simple changes by “making one small change” a day can give you enormous rewards in both your business and personal life. Diane’s sense of humor, practical tips, and realistic approach to healthy living will help you reach your true, untapped potential. Participants will take away seven tips that will get them started to realizing their true potential.

10 Eating and Lifestyle Habits to Maximize Performance for the Busy Person

What you eat affects not only your weight, but your energy level, how much you get done each day, and your ability to reach your life goals. This talk gives you tips and suggestions on how to enjoy healthy, energy-laden foods, avoid the pitfalls of fast, empty calories, and how to harness the power of your mind to put positive energy toward reaching your life and health goals. Diane gives the busy person practical, real life tips on how to include exercise into your daily life, even when you think you have no time. 

What’s Eating You? The Truth About Emotions and Weight Management

The emotional aspect of weight management is an under discussed part of the weight loss equation. Although the proper balance of calories in versus calories out can positively affect our weight loss efforts, not dealing with the emotional side of weight loss may make it difficult to achieve long-term success. Diane shares honestly her struggles with conquering emotional eating and gives the participants a three-pronged approach to identify and handle emotional eating.     



Energize Me!

In this fun and interactive seminar, your group will have the opportunity to assess what is preventing each of you from achieving your weight management goals and stopping you from reaching your life goals. Diane asks questions such as: What is your diet? Do you stay active? How are your sleep patterns? Are you embracing life at its fullest? Diane will give you practical tips and sound advice for both increasing your energy and getting to a healthy weight. When you feel good about yourself, your performance and energy levels often improve.

Contact Diane at FitToTheFinish@hotmail.com.

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