Eating Out?

11 Tips for Eating Out While Watching Your



    1. Keep tabs on the pasta All you can eat pasta sounds good, but it is dangerous for your waistline and daily calorie allotment. Say no to the “All you can eat” selections and order off the menu.

    2. Have you meat grilled, broiled, roasted or baked.. You just can’t ever pick the fried selection and expect to have long term weight loss success. Sorry!

    3. Ask for modifications to be made. Always ask if fried entrees and sides can be boiled, broiled or roasted. I’ve never had a server tell me no.

    4. Beware of: Cream sauces; butter; oil; au gratin; breaded; Alfredo; battered or batter-dipped and, gravy. Avoid them all unless you’re planning on some major extra exercise!.

    5. Box it, and take it: Restaurant meals are so large these days that I always ask the server for a box so I can take the “too big” part of the meal home and have it for another meal. Do this before you start eating so you don’t be tempted to eat more than you should.

    6. Don’t let fast food ruin your diet. Avoid fast food restaurants when you can. If you have to eat at one, plan your selection carefully. Try to go online so you can make informed choices. Fast food restaurant calorie and nutrition counts are sometimes scary!!

    7. Know where you are going. Call the restaurant beforehand and ask them to fax you their take out menu. Look and decide what your healthiest option will be and order that!

    8. Avoid buffets! Portion control can be a nightmare even for the most dedicated dieter at a buffet. The more choices there are there more we tend to eat. This is proven with scientific research. If you are at a buffet type restaurant, ask if you can order off the menu. It’s worth a try!

    9. Eat smaller meals during the day if you are going out in the evening. Just don’t be so hungry that you end up pigging out at dinner! Also, try eating a small snack before you go out and have a big glass of water.

    10. Avoid the freebies. Just say no thanks to the bread, chips and dips that are often provided in sit down restaurants.

    11. Go with supportive friends. If your friends and family supports your healthier choices than you will have a better chance of succeeding.

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